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To bring exposure to its members:

Designers'Couch is first and foremost a place where designers can gain exposure for their work, because we feel that the best part of being a designer is having your work acknowledged by other professionals in the industry, as well the general public. Art is mediocre if it is not viewed, critiqued and analyzed. This is what Designers' Couch seeks to provide for its members.

Provide its members with professional development and continuing education: Designers'Couch seeks to create an environment where our members can mature professionally and further edify their knowledge of design. We feel it's important that our members acquire proper business ethics and professionalism with clients, while continuing to grow in their area of design.

Allow its members to network with other professionals in the industry: Networking is crucial in the design industry because this is one of the most competitive careers on the job market. While your work may be of excellence and your creativity is unlike any other, recognition sometimes comes down to the connections you engage through your work. DC can help you, because we allow members to network with other creative professionals. For example, a web designer networks with a logo designer and the exchange of projects can occur. It's not rocket science; it's what any design organization should offer and it's what we offer best for our members.

To advise aspiring designers of the organization the ways of design through interaction: Because each member's work is reviewed to make certain they are educated about design, whether through training or self-taught, we provide a digital arena where you can have your work critiqued in a very professional and constructive manner. Critiques are offered in forms of opinions, so it's still up to members to use them or ignore them. It's best to have both designers and non-designers review your work, and dC offers a pool of individuals to review your work constructively.

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