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    Dear John, bringing together ideas from one of the last posts in your blog (Don't Buy Any Food You've Ever Seen Advertised) and one of the themes approached in your book (Information Design for Consumer Education), I would say that not only "most healthy food is not advertised", but also that most healthy food producers do not offer good, understandable and educational information about their own products. While it is very easy to understand why big brands would prefer to use lots of hyperbolic adjectives instead of clear information, it is hard to grasp why small-medium sustainable-organic-fair-trade producers do not "isotype" their data to the public and start to push new standards this way. If a great deal of consumers are ready to make informed purchases but the growing sector of "good products" producers are not ready to provide it, should not information designers and activists try to take over this task within this emerging sector (offering, for example, suggestions to redesign labels from products they know and approve) and use this opportunity to school consumers? Could you point me cases where that is already happening? Grüße aus Deutschland e saudações do Brasil Semiographik

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