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Who Would You Interview

Who Would You Interview

Communication, Community, Education

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  • Public Education & Arts


    1) Can design contribute to improving public education/youth-learning, above and beyond architectural innovation?

    2) Can design assist in playfully connecting new technologies (gaming/internet) to old technologies (books/writing) within schools? Right now, they are both used in arbitrary ways - depending on the curriculum - but not self-consciously designed as part of the learning environment. Often, educators feel that one is antagonistic to the other - an artificial opposition.

    3) Would design-thinkers have a role to play in conceiving the future of arts in schools? I.e., prototyping the school day, by prototyping the human interaction design of the school day by including the arts (theater, dance, music, media, visual art, etc.)? This will create varied scenarios based on the powerful arts resources in particular locales/communities.

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