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Bags for the People

Bags for the People

Arts & Culture, Environment, Education

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Bags for the People is a non-profit organization that provides a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Bags for the People uses all repurposed materials and gives re-usable bags out for FREE. Bags for the People also performs community building workshops and events to not only get people to make the switch from plastic to re-usable, but to inspire people to take an active and creative role in life!

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  • Glenn Robinson
  • Dada
  • Elizabeth Polasky
  • jay Moorthy
  • Joseph Baron-Pravda
  • Maynard Clark

Inspiring conservation, community building, and personal empowerment through creative action.

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Bags for the People

281 South 5th Street #3
Brooklyn, New York 11211
United States
+1 714-906-1701

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Moderator: Glenn Robinson