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Design for Development

Design for Development

Well-being, Community, Poverty

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  • Design Can Make A Difference

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    National Design Week is a chance to celebrate some amazing ideas and developments in design. As I look through the list, I find it hard to know who to pick for the People's Design Award! Wonderful work abounds.

    But I appreciate the tweet that Design For The Other 90% posted, which asked us to vote for designs that were making a difference. As a volunteer with Design For Development, I was excited to see the Bambulance nominated. Again, it's among fine company!

    So whatever you vote for this year, consider how your vote might celebrate the way design can make a difference for those who may not otherwise benefit.

    Thank you!

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Using design as a problem-solving tool to address issues in underserved areas of the world.

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