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Design for Development

Design for Development

Well-being, Community, Poverty

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DFD’s mandate includes:

• Conducting research on the social and economic problems affecting communities in developing countries, and identifying unmet needs so that appropriate design solutions and programs can be developed. • Relieving poverty and promoting health in developing countries by providing basic supplies and services through innovative and practical design solutions. • Advancing education by providing skills-training programs to individuals in developing countries and by educating the public on design-based community solutions.

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Design Can Make A Difference

Well-being, Industrial Design


National Design Week is a chance to celebrate some amazing ideas and developments in design. As I lo...

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  • Sue Fairburn
  • ArchieS
  • Caterina Izzo
  • Cristine Moonan
  • Ella Isabella
  • Geneviève Collett

Using design as a problem-solving tool to address issues in underserved areas of the world.

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Design for Development

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Moderator: Sue Fairburn