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Craftmark-Handmade in India

Craftmark-Handmade in India

Arts & Culture, Aid, Poverty

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  • Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (R.O.P.E.)



    Rural Opportunities Production Enterprise (R.O.P.E.) provides global customers access to rural workers and artisans who manufacture handmade and handwoven natural products.R.O.P.E is a manufacturer and supplier of handmade and handloom woven natural products for large international retailers and buyers. R.O.P.E's materials are primarily indigenous and are naturally grown in the rural areas where the artisans work. Many of R.O.P.E's materials come from agricultural waste bi-products, and are biodegradable.R.O.P.E was founded in January 2007 and incubated at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras through their Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI). ROPE currently produces in India and operates in the state of Tamil Nadu, employing full-time over 500 rural workers manufacturing more than one million handmade units per year. R.O.P.E plans to expand to other parts of India and to other countries to offer customers additional unique rural skills and materials.

    The following partners are integral to the success of R.O.P.E: Rural Technology and Business Incubator (RTBI), L-RAMP (the Lemelson Recognition and Mentoring Program) and National Research Development Corporation (NRDC). R.O.P.E addresses these challenges. As a one stop supplier for rural production, R.O.P.E organizes rural producers into local production centers, creates systems for production management, ensures product quality and delivery, and aggregates the output and delivery to global buyers. This enables R.O.P.E to provide quality, quantity and delivery guarantees expected by global customers also ensuring meeting compliance standards for production processes. R.O.P.E coordinates the work and production of rural workers while having access to and credibility with global buyers. R.O.P.E understands market and customer needs and meets these demands.

    To make the R.O.P.E model possible, R.O.P.E uses best management practices and innovative technology. With our success, R.O.P.E offers a very powerful product to its customers: customers can purchase cost competitive items that meet quality standards while making a social impact that their customers value. Information provided by R.O.P.E.

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Craftmark denotes authentic Indian handicrafts and helps artisans to access markets

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Craftmark-Handmade in India

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