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Collective [34]

Collective [34]

Well-being, Arts & Culture, Environment

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Collective [34] is a working group of space and design professionals powered by their own enthusiasm and perseverance for better complexities of spatial environments and design production. Collective [34] hosts the collaboration of a network of researchers and practitioners in both its capacities as a platform for innovative spatial analysis and intervention and as a think tank on contemporary design and space paradigms. Collective [34] targets the Middle East region as its field of operation through theoretical and hands-on engagement in ‘the urban question’ and ‘design strategy’. Collective [34] aspires to be a progressive professional venture operating with an entrepreneurial spirit and within a social activism framework.

Guiding Values: Sustainability Social Justice Good Governance Spatial Awareness Cultural Integrity

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  • Danny Khoury
  • S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, Shuvo

A progressive professional venture about spatial planning and design strategy operating with an entrepreneurial spirit & a social activism framework.

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Collective [34]

Floor 2, Building 143, Street 58, Hamra
Beirut, 2034-1611

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Moderator: Danny Khoury