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The Chelsea Art Museum, Home of the Miotte Foundation, is committed to an exploration of “art within a context.” This approach favors a program of exhibitions which reflect contemporary human experience across a broad spectrum of cultural, social, environmental and geographical contexts. CAM’s exhibitions, each supported by a rich series of related cultural events and educational programs, seek to support in both its artists and audiences a sense of creativity, community and cultural exchange. Co-founder and president, Dorothea Keeser, describes CAM’s curatorial vision as, “a commitment to art as a living entity which reacts and interacts with us and changes the way one continues to live one’s daily life ”.

In collaboration with a network of museums and visual arts institutions both national and international, The Chelsea Art Museum seeks to present important, but relatively unexplored dimensions of 20th and 21st Century art, particularly focusing on artists that have been less exposed in the United States than in their home countries. The museum, a 30,000 sq foot renovated historic building in the heart of Chelsea, is located opposite the piers which served as entry for the arrival and assimilation of foreign cultures into New York. This location provides a powerful symbol of the museum’s mission: to be a meeting point, a destination for exhibitions and works from Europe, the Americas and Asia and returning CAM generated exhibitions to those partners both overseas and within the United States.

CAM also serves as the home of the Jean Miotte Foundation which is dedicated to archiving, preserving, presenting and making available for exhibitions the work of Jean Miotte. Rotating selections of Miotte’s work are shown on a regular basis, as are selections from the permanent collection which includes rare holdings of such artists as Pol Bury, Mimmo Rotella, and J.P. Riopelle.

The Museum also presents film, performance and frequent artist talks and round-tables which seek to foster cross cultural and interdisciplinary debate.


Jean Miotte: Spirit of Defiance November 20, 2009 to February 3, 2010

Sobin Park: Towards the Creation of a New Female Myth November 20, 2009 to January 30, 2010

Chen Cheng-Hsiung: East meets West - 30 Year Retrospective: 1976-2006 November 20, 2009 to January 2, 2010

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Social Object: sculpture and software by Michael Rees December 17, 2009 – January 23, 2010

Social Object: sculpture and software is an interactive software installation that includes correlated physical objects with virtual objects. Interacting with artist authored software creates screen based experiences that construct virtual objects from which physical objects can be derived. The work explores the relationship between language and form and creates a framework for virtual and physical play.

The exhibition includes the Sculptural User Interface (SUI) application, along with objects made from the SUI using contemporary automated sculpting processes. The SUI is a language to form synthesizer, a concrete poetry machine. The software generates 3D forms by merely typing letters on the keyboard. Many letters, words, sentences, turn into many kinds of shapes can be combined in many ways to create a rich user experience. It can also export to physical objects through CAD (computer aided design) CAM (computer aided maching) processes.

Social Object and The Sculptural User Interface are inspired by Joseph Beuys' ideas about Social Sculpture, Duchamp's ready mades recapitulated by Joseph Kosuth as the ready made made ready and how that might relate to the open source software movement. It is also inspired by truism that "code is poetry" (

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The Leaders in Software and Art Salon will consist of four short presentations by artists who incorp...

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Contemporary art museum and home of the Miotte foundation

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