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WorldBlu, Inc.

WorldBlu, Inc.

Communication, Peace, Education

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The purpose of WorldBlu is to unleash human potential and inspire freedom by championing the growth of democratic organizations worldwide.

Our vision is to build a more democratic world, one organization at a time.


We inspire and support this global movement by offering a range of programs and services that enable business leaders to design, develop, and lead the most successful democratic organizations in the world. These include our annual WorldBlu List of Most Democratic Workplaces™ award, which showcases organizations that are operating along democratic principles, like accountability, transparency, and decentralization. Applications are accepted from July-November. In addition, we host our WorldBlu LIVE conference that features CEOs and top leaders of democratically run organizations and the sharing of best practices and success stories. We also make available to CEOs and top leaders of WorldBlu List companies the WorldBlu Mastery Circle: a seminar and co-mentoring community that builds leadership and business strategy skills.

Stay tuned for Founder + CEO Traci Fenton's forthcoming book: Democratic Companies!

For more information about WorldBlu, please visit

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  • Meegan March
  • S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, Shuvo

A non-profit social enterprise that unleashes human potential and inspires freedom through organizational democracy,

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WorldBlu, Inc.

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