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A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design

Communication, Environment, Poverty

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    Communication, Communication Design


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  • How To Design and Print Eco-Friendly Posters

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Being environmentally friendly is the hottest motto these days, we can all see that. There is no longer any point in turning a blind eye to rising concerns like climate change, pollution control, species extinction and other crucial issues which are already starting to come back and haunt us. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that even in the publishing or marketing industry, practices such as poster printing are undertaken in support of the environment. Printed posters are produced in the millions and billions all over the world. This in turn translates to several million tons of paper and gallons of toxic ink that will eventually end up in waste dumps.

    But just as a small act of irresponsibility can build up into one big dump of waste, so too can the little steps we take to support the environment build up and make a big difference in saving the planet.

    Here are some pointers to design and print eco-friendly posters.

    Browse successful eco-friendly posters. The first thing to do is research or gather information about successful eco-friendly posters. They are easily accessible from the Internet. This research will help get information in terms of each poster's design concept, materials used and overall purpose of the poster's campaign. Most of these eco-friendly posters are printed on recycled materials and so printing them in bulk doesn't hurt as much compared to printing normal promotional posters. The point of learning about other eco-posters is so that you have ...

  • Bxdlogo_132_

    Better x Design, an initiative at Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, has announced a $3,000 seed fund for collaborative design projects. More information at

    The Better x Design Seed Fund supports collaborative, interdisciplinary design/build projects that make a positive impact on the social or environmental state of the world. To be eligible for this grant, a project must demonstrate some form of collaboration, be it between a university and a business, two departments within a university, two businesses, or two entrepreneurs from distinct backgrounds. The collaboration should be interdisciplinary, as we must approach the world’s biggest problems from multiple perspectives in order to develop appropriate and effective solutions. The effects of the project need not be global and can affect any one or more areas. Both professionals and students are eligible. Please fill out this application together, with at least one representative from each collaborating entity.

    Currently, Better x Design has two $1500 grants to support projects.

    Applications are due December 19, 2008, at 5pm EST. Please email applications to seed[at]

    Part I: Applicant Information & Abstract (1 page) Please list the names, occupations, institutions, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for all project participants. Also provide a summary of your project in no more than 200 words.

    Part II: Project Details (no more than 3 pages doubl...

A Better World by Design

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