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A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design

Communication, Environment, Poverty

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  • Las casas más pequeñas del mundo

    Well-being, Environmental Design

  • Good design, good live!

    Well-being, Environmental Design


    Cómo construir un camper en un carrito de supermercado para que te vayas de campamento.

  • Graphic design

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  • Compete

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Hello Design21,

    when do you open a new "compete"? I´m very interesting to participe in his program!


  • Talent!

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    ...this light in the dark is wonderfull!

  • Happy to participe in this project!

    Communication, Communication Design


    The Design can be change our developpment around the world!

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    The Project: “Ak Kuxtal Sian Ka’an,” (Kuxtal—Maya—that which gives us life; pronounced kush-tol), is a network of artisans established to counter the systemically low value, low wages, and low expectations of and by artisans and simultaneously promote environmental stewardship by fostering an economically, culturally, socially, and environmentally sustainable craft industry. Specifically, Kuxtal, as a socially and environmentally committed business, would promote this new, equitable concept. As a grassroots organization, Kuxtal was established in 2008 as a collaborative initiative between two local conservation NGOs—Amigos de Sian Ka’an (Amigos) and U’yo’olche—and a small group of diverse, skilled, and experienced artisans living in close proximity to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Since people in Amigos and U’yo’olche worked closely with local artisans prior to the inception of the Kuxtal project, the needs that emerged from these cumulative interactions inspired this project.

    INDIGO Indigenous Design Network

  • lets have a big celebration logo

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


  • logo for a Dance studio

    Arts & Culture


  • The 7 best places to shop for eco-friendly products

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Going green has never been easier than ever.

    General Eco Shopping – There are online shops that offer basically almost every kind of green product that you can possible imagine. These “Genaral Eco Stores” are a perfect place to start out when you want to shop green. Here are two of our best picks:

    1. Greater Goods – The greater good store is a nice place to start your eco-shopping. From personal accessories. Kitchen stuff and books and guides it is easy buy things for an environment friendly life. We like their sections on Energy and Water savers as well as Waste Reducers. They are perfect to start making your home a “green” place.

    2. Green Apple – Based on the United Kingdom, the green apple website is also a good place to shop for eco products. Their cute and friendly interface is an attractive feature, while they sport a huge variety of categories for green products.

    Clothes – What you wear isn't really what people first think about when they want to shop green. Mostly people would think it is about wood, paper and environmentally friendly gadgets and cars. However clothes have a bid impact too on the environment. That is why there are clothes manufacturers out there that make their tshirts and dresses from 100% organic material. Here's our pick:

    1. Miss Voltage – This interesting store has a lot of nice and trendy designs for an eco clothes shop. Unlike the others we've seen that are more on th...

A Better World by Design

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