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A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design

Communication, Environment, Poverty

94 Supporters

  • Steve Daniels

    Steve Daniels (Moderator)

    Providence, RI, United States

  • Abhishek Tongia

    Abhishek Tongia

    Pune, Maharashtra, United States

    Software Designer and Film Maker

  • Abi


    Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

    Designer (Art Direction)

    Pen Is Mighter Than a Mouse

  • Adi Sukma Aldo

    Adi Sukma Aldo

    Jakarta, Indonesia, Indonesia

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Si Vis Pacem Parra Belum

  • Ahmed Haroon

    Ahmed Haroon

    Cairo, Egypt

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    "Design is the art of making shapes not in mind for things in mind."

  • Alan Harlam

    Alan Harlam

    Providence, RI, United States

    Director of Social Entrepreneurship

  • Alex Gill

    Alex Gill

    Minneapolis, MN, United States

    IT specialist

  • xanakon


    Boston, MA, United States

  • Alice Ryder

    Alice Ryder

    Seoul, Korea (South)


    Hello everybody!

  • Amit Patel

    Amit Patel

    Los Angeles, California, United States

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    Design + Programming + Art

A Better World by Design

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A Better World by Design

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United States

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Moderator: Steve Daniels