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A Better World by Design

A Better World by Design

Communication, Environment, Poverty

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A Better World by Design asks the question today’s designers, engineers, and economists should be asking. How can we use technology to improve the world? Hear answers from dozens of world-class professionals and academics in this milestone conference that will change the way you think about global crises and push the limits of user-centric, affordable design.

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Hass Group Hearing Healthcare

Communication, Communication Design

Established in 1975, the H.A.S.S. Group is a total hearing healthcare solutions provider.

H.A.S.S. ...

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  • Steve Daniels
  • Abhishek Tongia
  • Abi
  • Adi Sukma Aldo
  • Ahmed Haroon
  • Alan Harlam

A Better World by Design

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A Better World by Design

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