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Sweat Equity Enterprises

Sweat Equity Enterprises

Community, Arts & Culture, Education

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Here at Sweat Equity, we take the world's greatest design resource - our youth - and turn their design dreams into reality. Through our creative "8-Step Process," students across the globe are tapping into their inner design talent, working with corporate sponsors such as New-Era, Best Buy, Radioshack, and Marc Ecko Enterprises to create the design industry's "next big thing." Students learn a plethora of professional skills in our program, including how to create Tech-Packs to be shipped to manufacturers, and also a load of personal skills as well, including how to speak your ideas confidently, and how to achieve personal goals. Our goal is to have children that attend our programs leave with the skills they need to succeed in a world that is constantly changing, whether they choose to go into a design field, or whether their dreams take them somewhere else altogether.

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Sweat Equity Enterprises is an organization that is devoted to teaching at-risk urban youth 21st century skills through design education.

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Sweat Equity Enterprises

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