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All Day Buffet

All Day Buffet

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  • The Feast: Social Innovation Conference

    Communication, Communication Design


    Creativity for Good

    On October 16th in New York City, alldaybuffet and our closest friends are coming to dinner. "The Feast" will gather 150 of the world's leading creative mavericks, entrepreneurs, revolutionaries, radicals, and innovators together to inspire action to change the world.

    Our mothers always told us "there's good in everything" so we've curated a series of inspiring, mind-expanding, and innovative talks that will showcase a look at social innovation from all angles. From design to business to science, and everything between, our speakers will share insights on the power of creativity to propel social change within and across industries.

    Anchored in innovative ideas with a focus on action, The Feast will take a cross-disciplinary look at executions, strategies and concepts - digital answers to global problems, social design solutions and successful triple-bottom line business models. And more than just watching, The Feast will connect this remarkable network through "matchmaking" networking breaks, group projects, and one legendary after-party! Our hope is to leave you high on possibilities with a new menu of connections to get it all done.

    Whether you're a social entrepreneur or socially conscious at heart, The Feast will provide you with an excellent platform for inspiration, connection, and action. The Feast will be held at the Scandinavia House in New York City on October 16th. We hope you will support us and join us in bringing the best and brightest minds together to make the world a better place.

    For more information, please visit and enter discount code "FIFTY" to receive $50 off the registration price.

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