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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • User Testing 2


    Before the second round of user testing, I interviewed with a tester who tested in my first user testing. For next user testing, I will send developed prototype which is shaped by heat bending from feedback in mid-review to a care institution in Japan so that I can get feedback from care worker’s side and also reaction in different culture.

    For the next prototype, I will prepare real detailed model that I sketched in the presentation board for mid-review. Concretely, the next prototype has dents on each finger, and the fingers have a nail on top. At this time, the area of user testing will be in a care institution in Japan. I will send them whole package to one care worker and ask him or her to report it. There are two objectives, one is to see how my project goes in care worker's side, and the other is how people who live in different culture (country). After making new prototype, I will send them via Mr, Oshima who knows a manager in that institution.

  • 1_132_

    For the packaging, I have two directions so far. One is a typical type of hat box which is shaped in short cylinder form. Because of knitting template can be rolled-up, the form of hat box is the most compact package. The other is flat package which is from the feedback in mid-review. The reason of this choice is its eco-friendly way. The knitting template has also the possibility that the body can be separable and fit in flat. The flat package benefits at the point of less material use.

    Compared to both directions, flat package has a benefit which I mention right before. However, the flat package might be thrown away easily because there is no reason to keep unstable item. On the other hand, the hat box has a potential in terms of sustainability, because elderly people love to keep physical items even news papers. They might want to keep the flat package too, but there is one significant difference between two directions, memory.

    Therefore, the hat box form might be fit in my targets area well. Also, by packaging in hat box form, one story possibly happens that a care worker brings the “Day To day” in the package which is hat box form to his or her client, and the client keeps the package as well, because this is such a scene that one person presents a clothing to a friend.

  • Mid-Review Summary

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    The Mid-Critique went well with many beneficial comments that can help me improve my design and board.


    1. Graph of market competition comparison should be revised and include my design for more direct comparison

    2. Focus more on explaining why your bag is better than competitors.


    1. Balancing the bicycle while having one bag on the side is an issue that needs more investigation.

    2. The bag can integrate a safety kit with equipments that are required and recommended by the government like helmet and lights.

    3. Detailing and styling of the bag can be a key to success.

    4. Eye catching and special enough for buyer to recognize it among other competitors.

    5. Possibility of having different way to handle the bag; be creative.


    1. Expand my user group for a broader audience to people who can use the bag for different purpose.

    2. The bag has to be affordable and easy to use to gain support from this particular group.

    3. Supporters and funding of the product need to be distinguished.

  • Midterm Review Summary

    Communication, Communication Design

    The Mid-Review was again very helpful. But I thought time went so quickly that I think I talked to fewer people than last time. However, I still got good feedbacks and suggestions for my project.

    Presentation Board

    • Need descriptions on Aspergers Syndrome. -Show materials first then website


    • Change titles when it starts. Make it look more fun, and entertain that students don’t feel it like it’s test Worksheet
    • Make it more uniform; specially, teaching facial expression
    • Less materials on one page

    Feedbacks for user testing

    • Do survey or test over teachers on how they felt while using this context, materials. And find out any awkward moments by using it.

    Other feedbacks

    • How do you measure success and move on to next level? More specifically, how do you know when student fully understand and pass on?
    • Levels of difficulty
    • Look at teacher’s kit
  • Midterm Review Summary



    When Describing my project- Stress that Valet Bicycle Service has been around… Show differences of what’s out there! My improvements: capacity, increase modules, my studies show that two rails work better for capacity.

    Material – Critic 1) Alluminum is a soft material so if it gets scratched it may not look so good, part of assurance of security is the visual of it. So product needs to look visually appeasing

    Critic 2) Alluminum… recyclable, lightweight…Steel can be galvanized, cheaper but its heavier. Or is their a way to combine these. Why can aluminum be on the concrete, its not gonna look pretty in the long run, its gonna get scratched, so don’t do colors.

    It should be all tubing, much stronger.

    Service system design -

    Has to be able to be setup quickly.

    Design –

    Would have been useful to show that I ruled out different investigative ways of hanging bikes/parking bikes…by the weels or the frame etc…and why I just jumped to hanging the bikes on the saddle.

    Should be more compact.

    Gaskets would be needed for any telescoping parts that are locked by tension

    Mobile platforms can have no spare parts, fold up and expand with no tools. Fold it up and move it.

    Flat surface is ideal, but what happens when its not on a flat ground? Adjustable legs? Leveler built in?

    In cases where attendants use cables to lock all bikes together for more control the cable should be included in package

    Too many barriers (the legs have two, maybe it should be one c...

  • Review

    Aid, Industrial Design

    Board I was told that the name of the project, the font I used for titles and the color combination resembled of drug packaging, therefore it creates expectations about a medical solution.

    Research I was asked questions about social issues that would effect the system including was to avoid stealing, use of the objects as weapons and proposing a fair system.

    Concept The critics suggested that the concept should be more child-friendly in shape, common garment to carry the battery and also a unibody design that includes the light and battery in one.

    Materials Many critics recommended looking into local materials. Some were curious about the recycling of the materials. And some suggested that I use real batteries and build the actual system.

  • Mid-Review Feedback


    I am going to categorize the list of feedback into three parts since I received comments on my board as well as my prototype and research.


    1. Rework the cycle graphic in my board. For now, it doesn't seem like my intervention is an intervention but a part of the cycle.

    2. Technical drawings on the board need to indicate an importance. They cannot simply exist in a bubble.


    1. Size of waste container and receptacle: Should correspond to the amount of waste that is being thrown away. Depends on the patients need for insulin. Maybe there is a large size and a small size.

    2. Packaging design needs to make the user feel good about disposing the waste in this way. Not feel guilty like the current example.

    3. There needs to be a clear separation of clean and dirty in the bag so that the clean doesn't get contaminated and the dirty stays where its meant to be.

    4. Bag can be reversed when it comes to color options for discretion or visibility.

    5. Needs an icon.

    6. Clicking sound so that the two detachable parts have a sound indicator when properly attached is very important.


    1. Who foots the bill for the postage? (Insurance company like Medicare)

    2. What is the normal time to get rid of such wastes? How long can they be around without posing a health threat? Size of container should directly relate to this statistic.

    3. Indicate difference of diabetic care in the home and people with juvenile diabetes. In other words understand difference in all of these treatments and how wa...

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    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

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    Peace, Fashion Design







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    Communication, Industrial Design


    Mid-Review SPRING 2009

    In my Mid-Review session I had a lot of feedback. One of the problems with this feedback is that I got some confuse what way I should take. One of the questions that almost everybody asks me is about PRICE. They wanted to know abut the price of the product because my mission is to make a sustainable economic object and something that is handmade can be to cheap because of the work that it brings. Also is important to know the price of machine, material access durable and economic. Other of the big controversy in my presentation is about the design I decide to make, they look to complicate and that will bring problem with the economic object point. Some people told me about the design of my product, that I have to work more about that, and it has to be simpler. I have to work in different patterns One of the persons told me about put initial in each case, the initial of the artisan one side and my initial in the other side. People will want to know who did it. Other part that I get some comment was in my board, about graphics and the name of the product was hard to understand. Some of the comments were that I have to try other types and colors. Put color to parts that are important, the green color got to think that that part was important.

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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