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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Assignments 03/30

    Well-being, Communication Design


    Distribution plan --> Larger Image


    So far, I only got a very general pricing for my design that if they are produce in China. I prefer my design to produce locally in each region to cut down shipping cost.

    for 5000 pieces, it would cost 50cents(color, 12 pages ) ~ $1 (with extra UV coat, thicker papers).

    This week, I am getting quote for my specific layout, the price for laser cutting or die cutting, and cost for assembly.


    Ideally, I think government should help with the cost of production and the distribution, since that is what tax is all about, helping citizens to have better life. However, I also developed a system so my design can be share to NFPs easily, and for NFP to have enough financial to produce the design.

    Please click to see my distribution plan. --> Larger Image


    1. My system, Contract+ provides open-source templates for any individual or organizations to produce the design for their own need. They can customize the text to their languages, and adjust infomation according to their local labor contract law.

    2. Contract+ will also provide infomation of best materials to produce the design in relation to each regions' local resource. (type of paper, recycle or non-recycle)

    3. Contract+ will help organization to calculate cost analysis, so the cost can be reduce to their affordable budget. (where to manufacture, type of paper, color or black&white, size of design...etc)

    NGOs for labors

    1. NGOs need...

  • another video prototype

    Communication, Communication Design

    This prototype is to teach how to behave in public space..

  • Final mid-review Boards & Feedbacks from critics

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Mission: My goal is to raise public awareness on Colony Collapse Disorder through an informational packaged product, inspiring the user to engage in on this issue and take action to help honeybees.

    From this mid-review, I got chance to talk with critics who know about CCD issue, and others who don’t know. However, feedbacks from both of parties were helpful and valuable.

    Suggestions from critics: -Get statistics (#) about how many honeybee colonies I can help with my product. -Show amounts of money/ funds ($) that will go to researchers. -Clarify the product (Think about series, and varieties) -Show on the package what is inside of the box. -Think about stores where my product will be displayed. -Show videos about the issue at final presentation. -Send e-mails about the product to big companies, for example Burt’s Bees.

    Larger View

  • Ka-viaz’s Molds

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Ka-viaz’s Mold #1

    Ka-viaz’s Mold #2

    Ka-viaz’s Mold #3

    Ka-viaz’s Mold #4

  • Ka-viaz Update

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Ka-viaz’s Final Design

    Ka-viaz’s Products’ Process & Money Flow

    Ka-viaz’s Process of Manufacture

    Ka-viaz’s Cost Analysis

    Ka-viaz’s Cost Analysis Shipping

  • 2nd user testing

    Communication, Communication Design


    The second user testing was conducted on students with Aspergers syndrome from special education classroom.

    Most of the students liked to do these worksheets as they could express their emotions on the paper. However, a lot of responses were quiet not related to the questions that were asked.

    One of the students’ worksheet shows this fact very well by answering all questions saying how nervous he was for the test.

    Also, because many questions were asking when they feel sad, scared, embarrassed, one of the students got frustrated when he first began answering the question. So, he crossed out some of the questions and refused to do so. The teacher of that student mentioned because the questions asked to show the weakness of the individual, students might get more frustrated and that they don’t know how to express it.

    Also, by doing this second round of user testing, I figured the worksheet needs to give more space for students to write, and have fewer questions on one sheet. And make it more enjoyable that they don’t think of it as test.

  • LCA &Product Tag

    Well-being, Industrial Design



    Product Tag

  • 1_132_

    As an alternative way of dispensing my icons, I have come up with the idea of printing labels by a compact label printer instead of using printed labels. This way you can always print the exact number of labels that you need and don’t have to worry that you would run out of needed labels. (You never know how many labels you need for what types of labels since symptoms vary depending on patients.) Also, a compact printer allows for saving some space in working area of pharmacies. Regarding the way of sorting icons based on certain categories, (warnings, cautions and instructions, etc,,,) if you can have LCD touch screen (or LCD screen + manual buttons) on the printer it makes much easier to sort icons out by digitally visualizing them.

    See details A See details B

  • Img_43372_177_

    Shape Memory Alloy allows the user to damage, crush, dent

    Shape memory alloy is a material that allows the user to cause repairable damage. The alloy can be "trained" to take a certain form. When it is crushed or damaged, HEAT will restore the original form of the metal. This material is a crucial part of Solace design, allowing the users to cause constructive damage without worrying about mess or repairs.

    The new design allows the users to continuously "crush" Solace on a weekly basis. One sphere represents a day of the week. The user if and when angry will use the ball on the day of to record their level of physical exertion. At the end of the week, they can look back to see when they were angry and help keep tabs on their mental and physical state.

    Through the user testings, wanting to see the amount of anger was important to help the exercise be more productive than falling into the category of useless aggression toys.

    The new design not only allows the individuals to physically release their emotions, but also helps note them and keep record of them.

  • Sketch_132_

    I met with a 30 yr old female with Type 1 Diabetes.

    She had a lot of great feedback regarding the biohazard container aspect of my design, but she had a lot of criticisms about the aesthetics of it.

    First of all, she explained to me that she tries to hide her condition as much as possible so that people don't discriminate against her and so that she feels like a "normal" person in public. She wears a glucose pump, which is a bit different than the population I am targeting, but she still deals with the same social issues and she just recently got the pump so she used to give herself injections. Here is a summarizing list of what she had to say:

    1. Orange is not a good color because it makes the person stick out in a crowd. Maybe a logo would be better, and the muslin color is a great discreet color for a bag.

    2. This should not be a purse but an insert inside of a purse because then it isn't just one extra thing to carry around. She wishes she had something more stylish and she hates that when she goes out she can't bring a small clutch because of all of her equipment.

    3. She wishes there was a special container for her glucose tablets.

    4. She tests her sugar every 2 hours, but a type two diabetic would test it 3-4 times a day.

    5. She reuses needles and lancets 3-4 times before she throws them away because they are expensive and she wants to get the most out of them.

    6. She wishes things were more fashionable, especially her glucose monitor kit because it looks like a fanny pack...

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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