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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Thesis Mid-Review Feedback

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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    Some critics concerned that there are already similar concept products in the market.

    • Some suggestions

    - Making child transmitter more invisible

    Agree: The child unit must not have special looking. It should be normal looking. Ex) camouflage

    - Finding out which parts of child garment is the best part to hang the child device on.

    - Finding out holding system of child unit. Ex) pin, magnet, clip….

    Agree- The strong magnet on child unit could affect electric system of it.

    - Turn back to the beginning. Child's wrist or ankle could be the best part to put this device.

    Agree: I think that I need to look back on the beginning of this semester.

    - Using the devices that people always carry with. Ex) cell phone or IPHONE application

    Disagree: Some people still use cell phone for only telephone. Many lower class people still use old cell phones that do not support GPS or Bluetooth.

    - Adding safety lock. Using the parent’s device as a key to wear or remove the transmitter from child device.

    Agree- I think this idea can make this product unique.

  • Logo and Branding



    The picture is in reference to the signage that will be ziptied to my rack. It is important to be able to have organization for where peoples bicycles will be placed when valet attendant takes the bicycle from a customer.

    This is how i see it being applied. One: there will be space for Commerce Bank...which is no longer in existence but an example.

    Followed by my logo to the bottom left and then the bicycle advocacy which hires the attendants to valet park bicycles.

    The large letter on the left will be the aisle of where the bicycle is placed

  • Distribution map



    Here is my distribution map.

    Click here

  • 2nd User Test

    Aid, Industrial Design


    I conducted my second user testing at the same school as the first one, PS261 in Brooklyn. The testing was done by 5 students, 3 of them from the 1st test.

    Each student tried on the final design of the holster and moved around with it. Kids were wearing lighter clothes that enabled them to feel the comfort of the holster better. The main aspect testing on this round was ease of use. Kids were given the holster bundled up, without any directions to put on. They were all able to put it on without any help or question. Here are the comments from the group:

    • the previous one was too hard to put on
    • the previous one was bigger
    • it needs to be all same color so it's less visible
    • it needs to have instructions on it saying if it's worn on your back or front
    • this one makes more sense

    Conclusion: The holster was easy and therefore passed the test. How it's worn is dependent on the user and what else he's wearing.

  • BIO



    Samuel Vider

    Bio From as early as he can remember, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge would amaze him. Every time he traveled to Brooklyn with his family, the two tall towers suspending NYC’s longest bridge was unreal and intriguing to him. Art and design run in the family, Sam would take up doodling all day long. First it was action figures, then comics, then sneakers and then cars. When Target became a popular store looking at all the interesting products they would offer, normally better designed than say Wal-Mart, the idea of products became more inevitable as a direction I would want to head in. He attended parsons after a few years off from high school knowing product was the true passion for his future

    Project Title Rack It Valet “For a bicyclist’s peace of mind”

    Project Description Rack It Valet is a bicycle rack for temporary event parking in and around major cities. The need for bicycle valet service, similar to a coat check, is growing within bicycle communities around the world. With the bicyclists knowledge that they can ride to one of many events and park their bike with a valet bicycle service attendant gives a sense of security to the cyclist to enjoy his/her time at the event knowing their bicycle will be there when they are finished. At the same time it will relieve sidewalk congestion of 100’s of bicycles that show up in a neighborhood, i.e. DUMBO for the Brooklyn Flea, that get locked to anything and everything imaginable. Rack It Valet provides more ...

  • P1000867_132_

    Please take a look my another blog below.

    There is a process line of the template of Day To day.

    Cick Here!!!!!

  • P1000867_132_

    Please take a look my another blog below.

    There is a process line of the template of Day To day.

    Cick Here!!!!!

  • Last Friday, I had a meeting with a guy who founded a travel product company in Japan about how I can expand my thesis project if it is brought in production in the future. He was very interested in my project and talked about real situation which is especially pointed about distribution and the way of marketing.

    For distribution, I suggested me to use two ways. One is for individual target, and the other is for group of targets. By doing this, I can have a benefit of manufacturing costs in terms of material saving of packaging and shipping cost. For home care service, single small package of Day To day is shipped to there, but for care facilities or residence, a package with probably more than 10 of Day To day is shipped to there.

    Secondly, he talked about sales management, in other words, marketing strategy. I have two target areas right now, one is home care service, the other is care facilities. However, he noted that I should target more precisely. To start to bring my product into real world, he recommended to choose a good starter or area which can potentially expand the product to their connection.

    As a simulation in practical scene, I need to prepare DVD or other potential media which shows How To of Day To day for the client. Because care workers are extremely busy in fact, they probably cannot spend a long time to show how to use Day To day.

    I got many opinions and suggestions from this meeting. This is very important for the development of my project in the...

  • Cost Analysis - Hebop Prototype

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Click to enlarge the 'Cost Analysis' image

    This is the cost analysis for producing 1 unit of the Hebop (pedaling station for the outdoor gym). 2 details are missing - the quote for powder coating the whole structure and the saddle with its components - bar+cover) - these details will be added once i get the best prices/quotes.

    Next week i will publish a cost analysis for the production of 1000 'Hebop' units (waiting for a quote from the steel tube bending factory).

  • Prototyping Process

    Environment, Industrial Design


    Some more photos of the prototype production of the 'Hebop'-

    The mechanism skeleton

    The skeleton with the pedals wheel in place - chain aligned

    Mechanism shell bending method

    Mechanism shell -inside look

    Mechanism shell - the outside

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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