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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Mid-Review Summery

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    March 9th 2009: It was a very helpful experience to receive feedback from people in different professions in terms of their perspectives and professional knowledge. I was interesting that I didn't receive a consistent comment form people, but various comments. In general people think I'm on something, but I need to keep going on the project. Some people are concerning if I can have consistent materials from manufacture waste stream. Some others want me to think about if my product can really be manufacture-able.

    I feel I need to jump into the deep water and surprise myself with a wild and crazy idea for the project. I think I have been thinking the safe way to get out or end up this project. After all of the talking with people, I need to step back a little bit to think about the overall picture of my project again in order to narrow it down to the most meaningful result.

  • Mid -review summary

    Education, Communication Design

    Positive comments: people like how I get inspiration from a former generation’s toy. When parents use it , they will think about their childhood. It may help them to think how do they feel when they were child. They like wood, ceramic material combination, so the product includes more humanity element. Negative comments: people like to more understand how do interface work . They want to know how do information work on the screen. Also they do not feel much Taiwanese culture with the product. My next step is to research electronic product which can provide more information for me to improve interface design. I will research more Taiwanese culture elements such as symbol, colors, and pattern.

  • Mid-Review Summary (March 9th 2009)

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Mid-Review Summary (March 9th 2009)

    It was a really good Mid-Review. I got a lot of good comments and feedback from all of the critics and I also got some really nice suggestions that I can dig in and see if it works for this project. One of the most common questions all the critics raise up was the cleaning aspect for the bamboo cup. Because there were holes on top of the bamboo cup, people might get sick while drinking. Critics also suggesting me to looked into Nylon and polypropylene strings that are dishwasher safe. They were also thinking maybe I could introduce something else into the line, for example water bottle that people can take around, or piggy bank. Two critics suggesting me to have a funding campaign built into the bamboo cup, people can choice patterns, depends on the donation, they will get different patterns. For the Paper loom, all of the critics really liked the idea of the open source paper loom. They though it was a smart move to change it from for selling to open source for free. They think, there should be a lesson plan for teachers to download online as well. These way children all around the world will be introduce to Taiwanese indigenous culture. Two of the critics also direct me to looked into some articles and the company called Ten Thousand Villages.

  • Douglas' MID REVIEW. (draft)

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Feed back

    Some of the critics tried to turn me inside out, to expose the fact that what I had on my table was a giant cell phone case.

    They used circular logic to get me to say why I owned a phone as small as the one I have.

    I tried to reassure them that I was not delusional.

  • Mid-Semester Review


    The overall feedback from the review was good last night.

    Most of the critics had comments about the form of my prototype as well as the life-span of the filter. Some mentioned that perhaps using a lighter color material would help send a message or make a statement since over time as the filter on the mask is used, there would be a dark spot that develops which would show how bad the atmosphere is that they're breathing in. Also, to add to the idea of making a statement, perhaps adding a bright color on the shoulders or an accent color in some other way to sort of create a uniform.

    There were also suggestions on the glove aspect of my product. One critic suggested considering the rubbers that are heat-shrunk over electrical wire and possibly using that idea in the gloves so they would be more form fitting for tactile ability.

    Also consideration of the life-span of the filter used in the mask. How the user would be able to know when to change it, etc.

    Comments on the distribution of my product as well as creating an awareness were made; some one mentioned using a system similar to those of breast cancer donations that you find at Target and other stores when they ask if you'd like to make a contribution. But in the case of my product, perhaps they could receive something for the contribution that would let them know about the situation happening in Guiyu; ie: the photos of destroyed lungs that sometimes come with packs of cigarettes.

    Overall, I have some more considerat...

  • Critique Summary


    The mid critique review brought different perspectives to Solace the project. Many suggestions were made on the final model along with all the other possibilities and stakeholders that have been ignored.

    Suggestions involved funding and final marketing ideas to contribute to branding of the final product such as a donating fund process where contributions could go to my organization.

    The final model, shape, size, and color were also discussed. Most people liked the egg form because that is where the inspiration came from and thought that the packaging and material can mimic that even more to egg cartons and date stamping that can be customized with each user. Different materials such as heating pads, cooling pads, etc were suggested as materials to look into. Many people wanted to see varieties of colors that gave the user an opportunity to choose one that was significant to them. The same was said about form: could it be in shapes that represent things that are "important" or "should not be broken". Perhaps creating a variety of forms like cups, plates, mini tvs, phones, etc could be designed to create an even greater satisfaction to the "break".

    There were questions on word choice such as break. Crush, another word offered seems more appropriate. One critique asked many questions and suggested that I thought about all associations with the word and how my project relates to that and how it could be changed.

    The matrix diagram and user sc...

  • I have got good feedbacks from today’s mid-review. All critics responded my project positively and they pointed both strong point and point where should be developed. I note the points what I have to develop my project as a summary of this mid-review.

    Most of them pointed about the material of the template. They agreed to use flexible plastic, but, one of them suggested me to use fabric so that the user is not hurt by the edge of plastic template. However, another critics responded that fabric is easy to be dirty itself. There was a struggle between other materials, but he gave me other potentials of material use.

    The current template of my project is a straight line, but some critics wanted to see in different shape such as circle so that users can create other form of knitting. However, a circle shape is actually presented last mid-review. This is probably I have to keep in mind that my template should change to other forms.

    Finally, one critic asked me why the user uses this project (product) instead of others such as puzzle, chess, and board games. This is exactly same comment as a critic asked me last mid-review, and this is what I need to prepare clearly. My project provides simple interactive collaboration and the users can have creations from it at the end. Also this provides other benefits that physical therapy for client and their creation as a record for supervisor and director of care worker and client’s family. This is I should note on my board and speech...

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