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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Nicole's Midterm Review Summary

    Well-being, Communication Design

    My review went pretty well. Most of the comments were on how I can fortify my concept, while not taking away from the main focus.

    What I Did Differently This Time from the Review on 12.01.2008

    • With (almost) every questions I received, I would answer, and ask the the critic what they would do.
    • This time, I felt like i had more time to digest all the information in between critics, which I find very helpful. It allows me to filter out suggestions that are not as applicable to my project at this point
    • Evolution: I incorporated the suggestions I had received, and asked other critics for their take on it. This lead to very interesting combinations!

    Areas for Improvement:


    • Most people liked the design. 1 person said i looked boring and needs more "action" in the pictures (I agree)
    • Most people didn't see the need to mock up the entire website. 1 person disagreed (I am still debating. will find out after giving dreamweaver a try)
    • Start thinking about how the website can be translated into daily use.
    • Include a section that urges users to check back regularly (ie. News feed blog)
    • Start thinking about pricing and BRANDING: What is the total cost? who is your target market?
    • Use BestBuy-inspired comparison charts
    • Consider specializing in different areas


    • products that can enhance the performance of the website
    • go back and look at tracking devices
    • beware of redundancy


    • contact (and seduce) more NFPs (ie American Red Cross)
    • pitch idea to for p...
  • Good Chocolate for Good


    • Add image of children eating their local treat
    • More visual design on package, too simple
    • Think about mechanism on the opening of packaging
    • How does is look like inside the package?
      • Eatable chocolate holder in the package
    • Economical
    • Package turns into return card for contribution
      • Envelope for donating more money
    • Story telling
    • Add a map
    • Look at makeup and perfume packaging
    • Black box with silver text
    • Put some information outside of the box Or people would not know this -chocolate is special


    • Medical form of chocolate
    • Symbolism remind people about natural disaster
    • Positive notion in the form of chocolate
    • Color decoration on the chocolate enhance the message
    • Who makes the chocolate?
    • “Eating” natural disaster chocolate = disappearing natural disaster


    • How much is it?
    • How much money is going to be donated?
    • Is there any profit to the chocolate farmers?
    • Ask how much money people pay knowing that money would go to victims


    • Make a display to put in the store
    • How does it look like in the store?
    • Web site, web selling
    • Go talk to vender ask where it is going to be
    • Mock up shelf
    • Photo work of the product displayed in Garden of Eden and whole foods
    • Broachers
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  • Mid Review Summary


    I got a lot of helpful feedback at the review last Monday. One of the main comments I got was about unity - unifying the design of each wristband so that they look like a family of products. Many suggested that I could do this with colour, some also suggested integrating similar forms into each wristband. Creating a universal timer design for use in each wristband was also discussed. A few people also suggested that the devices could have a secondary 'teaching function.' For example, the device could work as an mp3 player, that would play a short lesson for the child to listen to. I thought that it was an interesting idea, and could perhaps teach the child subliminally. Other people suggested ideas for a third wristband (it was decided that I should either develop one or three wristbands). Some ideas were a heat sensitive fabric that would turn colours when touched, or a gel similar to a stress ball, or a woven rubber structure.


    A reviewer pointed out that depending on material, the wristbands would take on different characteristics. For example, plastic would give a more futuristic feel, while wood would give a more earthy, organic feel. Another reviewer mentioned that the wristband I had intended to make in plastic could be made in wood on a 5-axis router if I wanted it to take on a different feel. Other reviewers also mentioned the importance of the feel of each material on the skin - the softness of the rubber and/or the hardness/smoothness of the plastic...

  • Mid - Review Summary


    As I have not yet made and tested my prototype yet, this is what the critics said:

    -The majority of people were unsure about how durable and strong the structure is.

    -They wish the wood color / texture would resemble traditional Chinese furniture.

    -Reference the traditional Chinese furniture joinery for strength/stability.

    -Make the prototype immediately to find out about any problems that may arise.

    -Don’t design without knowing how the structure is assembled.

    -Rethink the proportion of the chair to suit modern consumers.

    -Research the standard price and size of ikea furniture and other popular furniture brands.

    -Include more design possibilities for consumers so they can further customize the furniture at home, e.g. add or take out components.

    -A critic said my system idea is very western- Is that what the Chinese people need?

    -Other methods (aside from wood stain and plastic laminate) for placing color on the furniture

    -Improve the comfort of the chair by finding a balance between the system and the end product- the system should be as good as the product.

    -Corn based lamination -> to be researched

    -Rethink some of my design options- make a connection between the modern and traditional style?

    -Make the design options unified so it reads like one brand.

    My next step is to build my prototype ASAP and complete all the above mentioned suggestions.

    Happy Spring Break!!

  • Mid-Review Summary

    Arts & Culture

    • Justify the use of bone- reducing waste of the animal, as all parts are being used.

    • Pricing- is $100 feasible?

    • Clearly identify which artisan group I am working with (where they are located)- maybe different artisan groups can collaborate.

    • Clearly show how the organization that will provide solar lighting to the artisans fits into the system.

    • Provide a tag on the product that perhaps leads to a website that will give the user more information about the artisans and where the product is coming from.

    • Make a diagram of other industries (metal, glass, resin, etc) that are close in vicinity to the artisans in order to justify the reasoning for using another material.

    • What is keeping the artisans impoverished? How can I give them control and empower them? Perhaps provide them with internet access so that they can connect with the buyers?

    • How to make a 'model' so that the product can be easily mass produced?

    • How will this be shipped? Maybe flat packed and then the user assembles it?

    • Will the heat from the light bulb melt the glue?

    • What do the artisans want to make? How can I further involve them in the process?

    • Design a jig to cut the bones?

    • Find a faster and sturdier way to attach the pieces.

    • Prove that I am providing an increase in their income.


    Aid, Communication Design


    Where is there a need for this?

    This was a strong question asked by some critics, although they seemed to agree that somewhere there is a need, but couldn't or wouldn't identify a very pressing scenario.

    It was suggested that I have designed a product, and am now looking for an application.

    What is a particular scenario that this could work in,and design for that specific scenario. -doctors office

    • train -transit specific groups of people who may be interested:
    • physicians
    • Mandatory reporters -teachers -counselors
    • mental health professionals -social providers -social workers -etc.

    Some suggested that this product be a feature. Not an all encompassing case, but an add on situation for those that want or need privacy.

    Diversify the product line, break up the features into CREATE, and ESCAPE, don't apply both features to the same product, this will make it costly to manufacture... and perhaps limit its marketability.

    Some suggested thinking of this as a product which exists where you need it. So if it was on a train, i may have the mentality of a cup holder, it is a device which exists where you would need it, not something you carry around with you.

    One critic suggested talking to Apple, or Cingular , to one of the Marketing Associates to see if there is any interest there in creating a story around the product. This seems far fetched to me, but could be a good exercise.

    Next steps:

    Create a survey that gets to the core of the issues regarding my product a survey ...

  • Assignments 03/09

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Thesis Mid-term Review Conclusion

    Some say they love the paper cutting inspiration, and that they think it is beautiful and culturally related. Some say that the design need to be as invisible as possible, and should be integrate into a reasonable object that others would not recognize it (like spy camera). As product designer, I would prefer my design has it own looks and purpose, and I do not think there is reason for individual to hide the fact that they are learning about their rights. If people keep hiding and avoid to stand up for their justice, there wouldn't be revolution happen the history. I do not want to over challenge the reality of China's political issue, therefore, how to balance the design to be passive or active will be the challenge after this mid-term. (critical design)

    Here are the things I need to work on.


    my current wheel design allow users to wheel the second layer easily without have to separate between layers. However, many still have difficultly to wheel because the template is not rigidly attach. Some people didn't know that it can be wheel, and that I need to make some icon to communicate such function.

    Color & design

    The paper cut wheel with red, black and yellow are most recognizable Chinese design to viewer. The typography wheel design is interesting, but less aesthetic. Many female viewers recommend me to explore more with paper cutting wheel. I will have to work on the design with cost.


    Some one suggest me...

  • Mid-Reviews Summary + Next Steps

    Environment, Industrial Design


    This is a brief summary of the comments, ideas and lessons learned in the mid reviews on March 9th 2009.

    Park's Infrastructure:

    -2 optional ways to deal with the electricity produced by human power:

    A. Storage in 'Main Local Batteries' - A battery for each activity zone (Advantages: 12 Volts DC power, the same electricity produced is actually used for the park's facilities. Disadvantages: loss of electricity due to heat&friction in the transfer between batteries and facilities)

    B. Sell the electricity back to Con-Ed (obligatory for them to buy it- enforced by the law) and then get electricity for the park's facilities through the Con-Ed Grid. (Advantages: No switch between electricity sources, no energy loss for heat, friction, etc. Immediate output according to demand, use of 120V AC power - versatile facilities to be use in the park. Disadvantages: Use of 120V AC power with human, especially children facilities, no immediate direct sensation that electricity produced is the same being used for the facilities)

    -Equipment for elders: Possible usage of the 'Hebop' mechanism with benches or park seats for people who can't use the sport-designated equipment of the 'Hebop'.

    -Equipment set-up: In the set up and location of each activity zone, it is possible to provide activities for other family members - such as exercise activity (that generate energy) in the vicinity of the children playground. Think about the formation of each activity zone in relation to what ...

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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