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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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    Samuel Vider

    Bio From as early as he can remember, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge would amaze him. Every time he traveled to Brooklyn with his family, the two tall towers suspending NYC’s longest bridge was unreal and intriguing to him. Art and design run in the family, Sam would take up doodling all day long. First it was action figures, then comics, then sneakers and then cars. When Target became a popular store looking at all the interesting products they would offer, normally better designed than say Wal-Mart, the idea of products became more inevitable as a direction I would want to head in. He attended parsons after a few years off from high school knowing product was the true passion for his future

    Project Title Rack It Valet “For a bicyclist’s peace of mind”

    Project Description Rack It Valet is a bicycle rack for temporary event parking in and around major cities. The need for bicycle valet service, similar to a coat check, is growing within bicycle communities around the world. With the bicyclists knowledge that they can ride to one of many events and park their bike with a valet bicycle service attendant gives a sense of security to the cyclist to enjoy his/her time at the event knowing their bicycle will be there when they are finished. At the same time it will relieve sidewalk congestion of 100’s of bicycles that show up in a neighborhood, i.e. DUMBO for the Brooklyn Flea, that get locked to anything and everything imaginable. Rack It Valet provides more capacity per foot through its use of staggering the bicycles. It is collapsible for transportation and storage, and uses quick release clamps for easy setup. The use of modular units allows it to grow in length for larger parking lot spaces.

    Materials 3/8” Alluminum, Alluminum Rods, Rubber Feet

    Acknowledgements I could not have done this without the help and support of my family. I would also like to thank Ryan Nuckle of Transportation Alternatives and Chris Brunson of Recycle-a-Bicycle. Len Mayer, Robert Kirkbride, Michael Verbos, PJ Carlino, Patty Beirne, Linda Bryant, Steven Landau

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Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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