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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Mid-Review/2nd User testing summary

    Communication, Fashion Design


    Mid-Review/2nd User testing summary

    Research-I was told that the problems that I am targeting are too broad and too many big ideas are being introduced but not yet established in my designs. Most suggested to narrow my ideas down and to do more research on human physical interaction and how it will strengthen intimacy in relationships.

    Prototypes/Designs-Majority of the critics enjoyed my project and meanwhile I’ve gotten various different opinions and perspectives regarding of my “next steps/thesis”. Critics told me that I should be concerned with how couples interact with each other during courtship in different scenarios.

    +Most critics identified the biggest issue of my prototype during the review and it was coherent to the same problem I had during my user testing. The problem with my first prototype was that the garment itself was meant to be one user only and had the option of sharing with another person by expanding the garment larger, which would be your love one.

    The question was then asked by many critics and users that what if the other user that didn’t purchase the garment wanted to wear it by themselves but can’t separate from one and another, wouldn’t it be better if the garment was able to separate into 2 individual pieces? This idea is beneficial for couples that want a stronger intimacy during courtship while they are sharing one garment, because now couples are able to separate from each other when one or both users need to have personal time for whatever reason. After it’s separated into 2 pieces, each piece from the original garment will have an effect on both users by leaving them with emotional attachments due to the forms of joining, separating, functionality, intimacy, scent of the other person, and the fact that the other person is not next to them.

    +One critic thought that the chip bag idea was great but not coherent to my garment idea. +Some told me to push my concept even further with different materials. +One suggested to apply this fabric called the “Thermo Chromic Fabric (fabric where it changes colors when the temperature changes” on the areas where couples interact the most under the garment and that way it emphasizes intimacy for public to seen or even seen by the users.
    +Is the product a tool or a statement? Or is it both? +Needed more research and sources on physical interaction that will improve courtship and intimacy. +more actual imagery of user testing or drawn out scenarios on the boards.

    Design Proposal My next steps are-

    -Research on physical interaction that will strengthen the idea of courtship and intimacy before I make any revisions of my current designs, so therefore I have to find sources that will back up my intended designed goal. -Design & Thesis revisions/Materials research. -3rd prototype/user testing.

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