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A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 6 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Mid-Term Review


    In the mid-term review, I received many useful feedbacks. I have summarized those so that I can reference to them for my next step.

    Most of people told me that my icons make sense but had questions about how they are distributed in a real situation where pharmacists have to apply my tags onto drug containers in a simple and consistent manner. It is clear that a pharmacist is a very busy job. Adding just an extra work of applying tags in addition to their normal jobs does not sound so hard, however it is quite a complex work when they are tied up with other works and have to manage them at the same time. As a solution to that, I have to come up with an organized distribution system for my icons so that pharmacists can quickly and accurately pick up right ones out of many other icons and apply them. I think I need to sort my icons based on some categories (dosage, frequency? etc,,,) and put them together in ways that pharmacists can easily recognize my icons. (in booklets, rolls or sheets?)

    The other comment that I got during the review is about the ergonomics of my design. People often say that my tags look a little bit unstable on a container. Since my tags are constantly exposed to the contact of patients’ hands, they have to be more stable and durable. I think the problem with fragile of my icons derived from both my material choice and attaching method. I have to think about the material for final prototype which is more lasting. (I am just using ink-jet printed illustrations on copy paper for a demonstration purpose.) As to how I attach my icons, I need to extend the transparent adhesive so that my icons have a wider adhesive attached to a container and can be more stable. Or another solution would be using stronger adhesive without changing the size of it.

    The design of my icons are getting better after a couple of minor changes but I still received some of suggestions for that. For example, there are two different versions for “Take 1 tablet 3 times a day” tag, one is with face, the other is without face. Many people told me that one without face makes more sense because of it simplicity. Another example is there are also two different versions for” Do not chew” tag, one is with teeth, the other is swollen cheek. People told me that one with swollen cheek is better, because one with teeth might look one with just lips and does not really make sense. Other than those I got more suggestions. I will continue to revise my icons based on them as I go through my prototype.

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