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Catapult Design

Catapult Design

Aid, Environment, Poverty

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Technology can empower and liberate. A single, effective product has more potential for worldwide impact – by providing clean water, food, shelter, or income – than any other existing development approach. Through the introduction of inexpensive and simple yet life-altering products the lives of more than 2 billion poverty-stricken people around the globe can be dramatically improved.


Catapult Design is a non-profit design consultancy that provides engineering and implementation support to organizations in need of technologies or products capable of igniting social change. We are engineers, designers, implementers, and educators – we design products, introduce technologies, and foster trends that are appropriate, self-sustaining, environmentally friendly, socially responsible and culturally sensitive.

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Got a question about Catapult? Have an idea? Or just want to see our space? Announcing Catapult Open Studio every Wednesday from 3-5pm at our space.

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Poverty, Industrial Design


It's official. Like any good catapult, this design c...

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The majority of our world's population lacks acces to life's basic needs. We develop and implment human-centered products to help them thrive.

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Catapult Design

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