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China Focus

China Focus

Well-being, Arts & Culture, Peace

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  • Welcome and a note of perspective.


    Greetings everyone,

    I'd like to first introduce myself and let it be known that I love the Chinese culture. I became engrossed with it at a young age and have learned more about it over the years and have come to respect it more and more. I have met many kindhearted Chinese who have offered tremendous insight into their world and their roots. I truly respect these great people.

    Although what I said above was said in truth, the moment I begin talking about any negative aspect of what the Communist regime is doing or has done to China, I will immediately be labeled by the regime's supporters as an "anti-China force" who is bent on destroying China and the Chinese face. This is simply not true.

    The Communist regime has invested an enormous amount of resources into developing this "us vs. them" mindset. If I mention Tibet, I have become a public enemy. If I speak out for Falun Gong, I am trying to overthrow the regime and cause social chaos. These labels are simply not true.

    As an advocate for China, one is necessarily concerned about the well-being of the Chinese people. We have studied the past and the present. We have well-documented cases of slave labor camps, torture, murder, and so on. Chinese guns pour into Darfur. This information is available to the free world and it is terrifying. Amnesty International, the UNCHR, Reporters Without Border, etc. all have pages and pages of cases of abuse. Why would everyone be so concerned if there weren't an issue? We all want to help the Chinese people.

    All Chinese people know the story of Yue Fei. He was a great general who had "Serve the country loyally" tattooed on his back. To serve the country loyally is not to defend and prop up a regime that destroys its own people. Indeed, the most loyal thing to do is defend the country against tyranny -- the tyranny imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.

    In the time to come, let's share understandings and information to get a clearer picture of China. Let's share our designs and compassion to shed light on the darkest of tragedies. Silence is the most deadly, deafening sound we can make as wrongdoing rages on.

    Speak out. Pass it on. Revive the truth. Discover harmony once again.

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