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We believe that sustainable development and corporate sustainability are essential to future global stability and prosperity.

Our mission is to create value with values.

We develop strategic responses to our clients' most complex challenges by focusing on the intangible drivers that create tangible value - strategy execution, transparency, brand equity, social responsibility, environmental performance, culture and human capital. Our work is rooted in rigorous analysis of market conditions and dialogue between our clients and their stakeholders. We devise customized programs that encompass a detailed assessment, strategy creation and guidance through implementation to create sustainable value.


Today, conditions as diverse as globalization, climate change, limits to world oil supply, underdevelopment, new disease vectors and instant communication are altering markets beyond recognition. Companies must adjust to a different world. Thorough, clear-sighted analysis of new economic, social and environmental opportunities and risks is essential to develop a sustainable business strategy.

Corporate Strategy Kinetix netValue Program is designed to create enduring responses to our clients’ most complex challenges. We foster dialog between companies and their stakeholders to determine strategic risks and opportunities and create sustainable value. From strategy development through implementation, our approach enables the integration of sustainable principles and practices that optimally impact a company's financial, social and environmental performance.

High Performance Design & LEED Certification High performance design is a strategy in which the pursuit of environmental excellence produces more comfortable, efficient, attractive and profitable buildings and communities. Our consultants work directly with developers, architects and other real-estate professionals to integrate resource-efficiency and environmentally responsible design into specific projects.

Master Planning Sustainable development relies on creating a master plan to maximize the inherent benefits of a site while minimizing the adverse social, economic and environmental impacts of development. Design is centered on the efficient use of resources and features may include optimal orientation to the elements, use of alternative energy, mixed use and increased density, recycling of waste streams into energy or building materials, landscape ecology to promote biodiversity and water management to control surface runoff.

Building Design From the conceptual stage through occupancy and operation, we coordinate the efforts of appropriate specialists on various aspects of design, including envelope, MEP systems, materials selection, lighting, indoor air quality, energy and water use.

USGBC LEED Certification From the earliest stage through occupancy, we coordinate development of LEED documentation and maintain LEED points status.

The Value of High Performance Design High performance design achieves multiple benefits for developers, investors, occupants and the environment, yielding superior asset value, social performance and environmental impacts.

These benefits include:

  • Reduced capital costs
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced liability
  • Health and productivity gains
  • Access to new markets
  • Product differentiation
  • Increased valuation
  • Accelerated sales

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