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Grass Routes Foundation

Grass Routes Foundation

Arts & Culture, Environment, Education

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Grass routes stands for a creative, sustainable development. We support & promote sustainable, environmentally and ethically sound living, working, producing, traveling, trading. We believe that economical activities should be in balance with principles of sustainability and fair trade, with cultural and ecological values and with human rights.

Grass Routes strives for a mentality change towards creative and sustainable thinking and living and aims to stimulate sensibility for the values of local communities and individuals, of cultural diversity, of social and cultural needs, of animals, wilderness and beautiful landscapes.

We empower the exchange of values, knowledge, creative competence and sustainable practices worldwide by engaging people with sustainable development in creative, practical initiatives. We support creative competence and aim to develop the creative potential of communities, individuals and organizations.

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  • Frans Prins
  • Maynard Clark
  • Tessy Britton

NGO creating sustainability through ethical consume campaigns, sustainable fashion & design projects, engagement2.0

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Grass Routes Foundation

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Berlin, 10973

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Moderator: Frans Prins