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Human Rights Poster Project

Human Rights Poster Project

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

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  • Tools_torture_132_

    This poster aims to address the issue of torture. The poster illustrates the inhumane use of tools, normally meant for construction, as a means to torture people.

  • Homeless_132_

    This poster aims to call attention to the situation of homeless people in Los Angeles through the use of everyday materials such as a cardboard boxes, newspaper or other materials we can relate to homeless people with. These items are not worth much to the everyday person but to a homeless person it is their home, shelter, blanket, warmth, etc.

  • Human transit



    This is to bring awareness to the fact that Human traffic is a global issue and not just specific to one country. It also is bringing awareness to the different industries that are involved in trafficking people.

  • Sally

    Communication, Industrial Design


    This is a doll that represents child labor. It's touching the fact that children can be bought so easily in countries such as India and South East Asia and are held in bondage for sweatshop labor. The poster will be a product shot of the doll in real packaging

  • Care = Humanity

    Education, Communication Design


    Educate young people by telling stories on cargo boxes. On the cargo boxes, we will tell them which parts of the world need our help and how can we help them. After the conference, the cargo boxes can be folded and used as containers.

  • Rights = Humanity

    Education, Communication Design


    Back to the basic: A series of posters will educate young people "what's human rights" are by using simple pictograms and a positive way. The pictograms can convey messages to young people easily and effectively.

  • 1in3women_132_

    Women Human Rights - Gender Equality - Stop violence against women

  • Genocide2_132_

    Condemn Genocide

  • Passport_132_

    right to a nationality

  • Shooting_132_

    This is a comp based on cruel punishment.

Human Rights Poster Project at Designmatters at Art Center explores the social and humanitarian benefits of design and responsible business.

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