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Human Rights Poster Project

Human Rights Poster Project

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

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  • Critique


    In response to water, posted by brian scott,
    in the thread water

    Does this design reflect a(n)...

    • well developed and easily understood concept?

    It is very clear that you are addressing water related issues. However, some of your design choices elude to other water-related issues than clean drinking water. The subtexts that you create through the distorted shape of the world map (Italy is missing in Europe, Madagascar is reduced to a small landmass, you added a ‘new’ piece of land to the left of India (Sri Lanka actually sits to the south of India) and Australia’s shifting position, the focus on South Africa and Australia (being dark green while these regions are actually arid) and the high wave pattern to the top half of the map actually eludes more to the impact of global warming than clean drinking water.

    • level of social engagement?

    As above. Please note that it is very risky to change the shapes of maps because they either communicate different messages or tend to offend some groups because you imply disregard for their regional identity.

    • understanding of the issues reflected in the poster?

    I do not think that you effectively communicated your core message but opened up a hornet’s nest of others.

    • sense of internationalism and accessibility?

    As above.

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Human Rights Poster Project at Designmatters at Art Center explores the social and humanitarian benefits of design and responsible business.

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