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Human Rights Poster Project

Human Rights Poster Project

Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

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  • Human Rights Poster: People Aren't Products.

    Communication, Communication Design


    Human trafficking is a multi-dimensional threat: it deprives people of their human rights and freedoms, it is a global health risk, and it fuels the growth of organized crime.

  • Does this design reflect a(n)...

    • well developed and easily understood concept?

    The core concept is powerful and should be broadly understood in most parts of the world. However, the execution raises three areas of concern.

    Firstly, the human figures are depicted as androgynous or transgender – the top parts of the bodies are clearly male while the lower parts of bodies are female. This approach opens up a diversity of potentially unintended subtexts which will be deemed as inappropriate in many communities that this project aims to embrace. A simple solution would be to move the ‘can opening device’ higher up to cover the genital area of the figures.

    Secondly, depicting naked bodies are deemed to be offensive to some cultural groupings and should therefore ideally be avoided when addressing audiences such as what this project requires because of complex differences in moral systems. In addition, the visual solution also opens up many doors of semiotic misinterpretation, i.e. the visual manifestation (the figuration of the figures as well as the colour choices) can possibly be interpreted to making homoerotic references which were possibly not intended yet obvious and controversial in some cultures.

    Thirdly, the five figures and faces are portrayed as ‘clones’ in the illustration which does not reflect the rich racial diversity of the world. An attempt was made to change the skin colour of the figures but it yet again opens up many doors of all kinds of different semiotic misinterpretation related to consumerism and globalization.

    • level of social engagement?

    As above.

    • understanding of the issues reflected in the poster?

    As above.

    • sense of internationalism and accessibility?

    As above.

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Human Rights Poster Project at Designmatters at Art Center explores the social and humanitarian benefits of design and responsible business.

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