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AmberWatch Foundation

AmberWatch Foundation

Well-being, Community, Education

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The AmberWatch Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity (Tax ID No. 34-2020410) dedicated to the prevention of child abduction and molestation. Through its "Be Safe!" Education Program, the Foundation's mission is to (by the end of 2008) educate 25 million elementary-aged children, and their parents, on how to identify potential endangerment scenarios and stay out of the hands of abductors and predators.

When it comes to issues of personal safety, we believe that if the children and parents can see it, hear it, and talk about it, they will learn it! For this reason, we have created a dynamic three-pronged approach to fulfilling our mission, including: presentation of the "Be Safe!" Curriculum in schools with the help of local law enforcement professionals; distribution of the "Be Safe!" Book to ignite conversation between parents and children; dissemination of print, radio and television public service announcements nationwide.

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  • Keith Jarrett
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Dedicated to the prevention of child abduction and molestation.

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AmberWatch Foundation

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