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Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness

Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness

Well-being, Communication, Community

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We are the world's leading nonprofit with a sole focus on the impact of electronic media on society, health, education, family and community. We believe that to address the most serious issues of our day, we have to reduce the noise around us and focus on the things that are important. To tackle obesity, violence & bullying, risky sexual activity, drugs, smoking and alcohol abuse and the failure of families and communities, we must address the screens in our lives. If we do this, we can challenge the status quo and deal with the problems that face us as individuals, families and communities.


Our programs include Turnoff Week (formerly TV Turnoff Week) now in its 15th year, Searching for America's Fittest Schools, THE BIG RIDE, Wellness in America: From the Classroom to the Living Room to the Workplace, Taking Back Our World, THE Colore Pets Scavenger Hunt, Universal Screen-Time-Reduction and others.

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A Lifestyle for the 21st Century: Universal Screen-Time Reduction A program of Center for SCREEN-TIME Awareness

Searching for America’s Fittest Schools Building strong bodies and minds


The BIG RIDE is a cross country bicycle trip, starting in California and ending up in Washington, DC. It kicks off April 1, 2009 and will take a full month to cross the nation. The focus of the trip will heighten awareness of physical and mental fitness, the importance of family and neighborhood and exploring ways to energize the American public to get involved in the communities where they live and work.

Riding has become a bigger and bigger recreational activity for all, but particularly for women. Women are also more inclined to invest time, money and effort into building stronger family and community bonds, so a big focus of the BIG RIDE will be on women and the groups and organizations that serve their needs.

As the bikers traverse the country there will be stops at schools, community centers and other places of note. We will call upon local organizations to share time with us on these stops, where we will have healthy meals, tell tales around the campfire and sign people up to join our local and regional task forces, uniting business, nonprofits and government working to improve towns, villages and cities along our route.

In addition to the riders going cross country, we are contacting bicycle groups in all the 50 states asking them to ride with us when we are in there community, or ride in their own neighborhoods (having their own BIG RIDE) during the month of April.

Organizations from Arizona, Oregon, Oklahoma and New York have already expressed interest in participating in a number of ways and elected officials are exploring how their states can share in this effort, one that promotes fitness, family and community.

At the rides conclusion, the website used to follow the riders across the US will be transformed into a site entitled WELLNESS in AMERICA: From the Classroom to the Living Room. It will have information on the trip and what we learned from all the communities we passed through. There will be information for parents, friends, neighbors and everyone else in our lives.

Celebrities will be invited to join the trip (either the entire ride or select segments) for specific sections and co-host events/fundraisers in key cities and towns that will benefit important community organizations and activities.

Only a select group of corporations will be considered for sponsorship opportunities, since it is paramount that the program maintains its integrity with the public and our organization’s constituency and funder base.

Sponsors will enjoy an array of opportunities including exclusivity, displays of logos on websites, printed materials (banners as the group enters and or leaves a city), logos on riders’ clothing (that can also be for sale) and on the final website providing information on health and lifestyle change.

Other opportunities will include hosting events as the riders cross the nation, hosting events in other parts of the country, encouraging people to follow the riders on line, or via local news coverage and hosting the arrival event in Washington, DC, and the start of the event in California.

Sponsors will be part of the decision making process as to which nonprofits will benefit from the local fundraisers organized along the route and can join in the kickoff announcement that will take place in New York City several months before the ride begins.

This event will touch people from coast to coast, will motivate people to get off their couches and into the streets and will celebrate the best in our nation. It will demonstrate the equality of men and women in sport as it reminds us that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves and offer a great opportunity to inspire people to get involved.

I would be pleased to meet with you or answer any questions you might have about this project or the related efforts, including Wellness in America.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Robert Kesten

Focusing on the impact of electronic media on society, health, education, family and community

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