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    L'eau de Taprobaine is a gourmand lovers delight. This newest addition to the Therapeutate line up is inspired by my travel to the island country of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka is renowed for it's ancient history and the sacred geometry of were this sits within the Axis Mundi.

    It is steeped in mystery and adventure. The ancient Greeks knew well of it's importance and gave it the name Taprobane.

    Sri Lanka's importance to the Silk Roads of the Sea makes it a fasinating place. I happened to be their some years ago on a business trip, it is the most amazing place I have ever visited.

    From our private party along the Indian Ocean to our visit to Paradise Road. Everything about this place was magical and I even have a pair of pants that split right up the rise from too much dancing to prove it's effect on the spirit.

    Even my late night rendevous to a magical little abode nettled in a most secret garden complete with the most beautiful male servants I have ever seen is still lock in the memory of this place.

    I cried to leave hoping one day to return and I shall. But until then I'd like you share with you my memories of Taprobaine in the newest creation by Therapeutate Parfum.

    Taprobaine is sweet with a under current of spices and a very sensual spirit that lingers. It will intoxicate you and your lovers.

    Be about the Earth, Your inner spirit and the wellness of all!!


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