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Verterra is a green ideas company. We work hard to bring you exciting products made from renewable materials; we do that with cool original designs, a focus on innovation and a desire to reduce the impact we bring on the Earth. Our goal is to create luxury disposable items of the highest quality, enhancing your life and lifestyle.

Using our products benefits not just you by providing the highest quality and most environmentally friendly disposable, but it also offers the craftsmen and craftswomen who make Verterra and the villagers they live with capital improvements that better their lives. This is done because your purchases create hundreds of fair wage jobs, and create an environment in which we teach the employees skills. By partnering with each employee as an individual we ensure that the working conditions are compliant with international standards.


Verterra is our answer to convenience without negatively impacting the environment. Verterra is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Verterra is sturdy, beautiful and is 100% organic and biodegradable, a much better alternative compared to paper and plastic disposable wares.

-Made of 100% renewable plant material -No trees are cut down-only use leaves that have fallen -Biodegrades in 2-6 months -100% Compostable -Microwave and oven safe -Chemical and bleach free -Can be used multiple times-simply hand wash Verterra between uses -No plastic, wax or anything else you would not want to eat

Verterra is a green innovation company. Our passion is to bring you exciting products made from renewable and biodegradable materials. We work hard to make sure that these products achieve the highest level of functionality and style-all with a commitment to reduce the impact we leave on our planet.

Verterra is also committed to paying fair wages to our craftsmen and craftswomen. Your support of Verterra will help create hundreds of fair-wage jobs in impoverished regions in south Asia. This, in turn, can help develop the region's economic system and preserve their environmental integrity. We see our employees as partners and we ensure that their working conditions are compliant with international standards.

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A green ideas company

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