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DanniJo Jewels

DanniJo Jewels


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DanniJo Jewels celebrate contemporary women who choose to lead and actively shape the world around them. The DanniJo sisters have taken from their unique personalities and differing visions of the world to create an eclectic, high fashion jewelry line that embodies the evolving fashion trends of both the past and present. Their hand-made line is designed to fit the needs of all fun loving, free- spirited, & passionate women.


As founder of the L.W.A.L.A. campaign - Living With A Life-long Ambition - designer Danielle Snyder believes that using your passions and talents to impact change is the most effective way to live the mantra. She and Jodie have used their passion for design to create the DanniJo For Lwala Collection 2007.

Danielle co-founded L.W.A.L.A, a youth-based organization that fundraises in order to provide grass-roots initiatives in African communities with an opportunity for growth and development. Her desire to spearhead youth-based fundraising efforts was inspired by her experience in the summer of 2006, when she visited Lwala, Kenya during an internship for 85 Broads.

The L.W.A.L.A. leaf logo represents growth & new beginnings. See the Lwala Leaf Logo section for more detail on the L.W.A.L.A logo's meaning.

*15% of the proceeds from the DanniJo For L.W.A.L.A. collection goes to the L.W.A.L.A. organization. See

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  • Danielle and Jodie Snyder

Celebrating contemporary women who choose to lead and actively shape the world around them

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DanniJo Jewels

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