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The Designers Accord

The Designers Accord

Community, Environment, Education

233 Supporters

  • Joseph Baron-Pravda

    Joseph Baron-Pravda

    Orlando, Fl, United States

    Designer (video)

    Why's the 'status quo' got a Latin name?

  • Jozhe Foinseca

    Jozhe Foinseca

    Rahway, New Jersey, United States

    Designer (Illustration)

    Tomorrow Today

  • Juan Guzman Romana

    Juan Guzman Romana

    Cusco, Peru


  • Juliette Bogé

    Juliette Bogé

    Lyon, France

    Designer (Graphic Design)

    an instant of truth...

  • Justin Ahrens

    Justin Ahrens

    Geneva, IL, United States

    Designer (Art Direction)

    Make Creative Matter™

  • justinrez


    New York, NY, United States

    Designer (Interior Design)

  • Jyotsna Sivaguru

    Jyotsna Sivaguru

    Arlington, MA, United States

    Designer (architecture)

    Design is the ability to understand everything else.

  • Kara Pecknold

    Kara Pecknold

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

    Designer + Researcher

    Designing beyond the borders.

  • Karen Villanueva

    Karen Villanueva

    New York, NY, United States

    Interior Design

    "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

  • Karine Queiroz

    Karine Queiroz

    Coimbra, Portugal



Coalition working to create positive environmental and social impact

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The Designers Accord

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