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The Designers Accord

The Designers Accord

Community, Environment, Education

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The Designers Accord is a coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, business consultants, and corporations, who are working together to create positive environmental and social impact.

The Designers Accord creates a knowledge-sharing network throughout the global creative community to share best practices and help accelerate adoption of sustainability principles.

This initiative started as a call to arms for designers to engage in the environmental movement with optimism and creativity. We believe it is our obligation to use our knowledge, experience, and reach to positively influence what we design and consume.


The Designers Accord calls for the following:

We ask all adopters, globally, to proactively engage in a dialogue about environmental impact with each and every client and customer, and to integrate sustainable alternatives in our work. By collectively committing to having this conversation, we will compel businesses to evaluate sustainability as a key vector in decision-making for their products and services.

We promote openly sharing knowledge and experience about green design and sustainability. We believe building environmental intelligence should be a collective exercise. For this cause, we advocate inverting the traditional model of competition, and encourage pooling knowledge so that all may benefit and build on marketable and sustainable solutions. We believe this will lead to greater innovation.

Adopting the Designers Accord provides access to a global community of peers who share passion and ideas around environmental innovation. Our influence grows exponentially when we act together.

Read our February 08 Progress Report.

The Designers Accord is a not-for-profit organization.

The goal of the Designers Accord is to create positive impact. There are three ways to participate:

Adopter (design firms, corporations, educational institutions) An organized group within the creative community who pledge to work through the guidelines.

Supporter (artists, freelance designers, students) An individual who is making the guidelines relevant to their personal practice. Like adopters, we expect supporters to evangelize the movement within their communities.

Endorser (organizations) Organization that adds awareness to the cause, and can provide infrastructure for education and outreach programs (like AIGA and IDSA).

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Hi all,

Communication, Fashion Design

Designers needed as small business partners.... to design clothes, ads., interiors....

Coalition working to create positive environmental and social impact

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