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The Center for the Urban Environment

The Center for the Urban Environment

Community, Environment, Education

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Founded in 1978, the Center for the Urban Environment is dedicated to educating individuals about the built and natural environments, giving them the information and tools that they need to actively participate in their city and its development.


In-School and After-School Programs: The Center for the Urban Environment (the Center) is proud to be the greatest provider of environmental education to the New York City Department of Education. Annually delivering programming in nearly 300 New York City public schools, the Center's programs meet math, literacy, and science work scopes for grades Pre-K through 12 in direct services, professional development, model programs, and parental involvement.

Elementary Programs

Middle School Programs

High School Programs

Green Brooklyn: The Center is host to the annual Green Brooklyn symposium, held each fall at Brooklyn Borough Hall. The full day event is open to the public and features businesses and nonprofits that are working toward a sustainable future for New York City. Attendees can learn more about sustainability issues that affect New York's residents, as well as local initiatives and products available to them in their neighborhoods.

Sustainable Business Network of NYC: The Center is the proud parent organization of the new Sustainable Business Network of NYC. A local chapter of the national organization BALLE (Business Alliances for Local Living Economies), SBNyc is a membership based network that connects, supports and promotes locally owned and operated businesses. Our member businesses are focused in fields such as renewable energy, reduced waste manufacturing, independent retail, green construction and design, community based capital, local food systems and independent media.

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Dedicated to educating individuals about the built and natural environment

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The Center for the Urban Environment

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