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In short, The purpose behind the ATYPICAL project is to promote contemporary art and raise money for one selected charitable organization per edition.

ATYPICAL is a high concept art project centered around this principle, and is furthermore committed to providing a safe and liberal forum for experimentation where invited participants can present their visions in pure form, uninterrupted by editorial banter or text. It is to serve as a place where the creative luminaries of our day can speak freely, converse with each other, and ultimately collaborate on the production of limited edition collections of art and items aimed at the benefit of others.

For every edition, a panel of the most intriguing and creative minds are gathered forming a distinguished cross section of the best that Art, Design, and Culture have to offer. Editions are planned out much like an exhibition would be curated. Selections are based upon the quality and strength of the works vision rather than on shock value, reputation or media hype, three factors which unfortunately seem to influence much of the decision making processes of today’s creative community. The invited participants generously lend their time and talent to adorn the pages of ATYPICAL with everything from politics to prophecies. Fine Artists, Authors, Architects, Fashion Designers, Culinary Masters, Photographers, Musicians, and Filmmakers are all called upon to present Interpretations of an assigned theme. Their visions are uncensored, and unfiltered, allowing them complete artistic freedom. When combined, a virtual feast for the senses is born blurring the lines that divide creative disciplines and on a larger scale, uniting individuals of different backgrounds into one collective "family.”

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  • trystan bates
  • Bishnu Karmakar
  • elena buftea
  • Krishna
  • S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, Shuvo

ATYPICAL Project aimed at promoting contemporary art and philanthropy

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