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A Good Life 5 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 5 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Panel_sml_177_

    This project was created in consultation with Dr. Arline Bronzaft, chair of the noise committee at Council of the Environment of New York City (CENYC), as well as Mr. Albani Themo, principal engineer from the department of environmental engineering of New York City Transit.

    New York City subway riders suffer from serious noise pollution while traveling through depressing subway stations. The dirtiness and noise generates a sense of insecurity.

    In the event that MTA implements a complete station "house cleaning" exercise, Subwait+ aims to enhance the quality of the interior environment of NYC subway stations. Through the installation of components, inspired by elements of nature, Subwait+ seeks to stimulate a more humane and dynamic traveling experience for the riders. The components include acoustic panels, ambience lighting, projected motion images and natural soundtracks. This system of parts can accommodate various formats of stations.

    In the future, Subwait+ would search for potential design opportunities in other stations throughout the city, exploring a new language to express the relationship between nature and public transit spaces.

  • Al Argee: Teaching Kids about Food Allergies

    Education, Industrial Design


    Al Argee was produced to further the mission of Food Allergy Initiative, a non-profit that raises funds for research and education of food allergies.

    Today, 6-8% of all school age American children live with possibly life threatening food allergies for which they must avoid certain foods completely. It is essential that all people around these individuals understand what causes food allergic reactions and what symptoms may occur. Though this education is necessary, there are no fun tools to teach kids about this serious topic.

    Al Argee is a game that teaches children the main eight food allergies, which foods contain these ingredients, and what symptoms may develop if an allergic reaction occurs. The game includes a stuffed character, Al Argee, an allergen selector ball, and three levels of food cards. To play the game, the player selects an allergen from the ball and a food card from the pile then must decide if the food is safe for Al to eat.

    By playing with Al Argee, children to develop compassion for Al, creating a desire to keep him safe by learning what foods he can and cannot eat. The knowledge acquired in the game translates into the real world, as children understand that some people must avoid certain foods due to food allergies.

    Because Al Argee is appropriate in a number of settings, including classrooms, allergists’ offices, and homes, methods of distribution need to be found that would accommodate all situations.

  • Design211_177_

    I am working with students and faculty who are advocating for a sustainable food system at TNS. I’ve consulted with Skidmore Owings Merrill Architects, an architectural firm working on the design of the New Building for TNS, where I plan to impalement my project.

    My goal is to create school resources/opportunities that will make healthy eating more accessible on campus, while serving as a communal outlet for education about local food from the Green Market, water consumption, and renewable energy.

    Solari is made up of two carts, one for transporting food from the Union Square Green Market and the other for vending food and juice on school campus. Solari makes nutritious food that’s been locally grown available to students removed from options for leading a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle while at school.

    Next step is to test my prototype at one of the Earth Week events hosted by Renew School, a student group, which aims to engage TNS members in issues concerning health, environment, and renewable resources. I hope to also implement my project in retail stores that are within the vicinity of greenmarkets— Kiehl’s, a skin and hair product retailer, has shown interest.

  • lekkees: Allowing Free Play to Rule

    Education, Industrial Design


    lekkees was developed in collaboration with Marcos Stafne and Miriam Kessler from the New York Hall of Science

    Early childhood development toys and activities in institutional settings do not promote interaction among peers, lack possibility for imaginative interpretation, and full-body physical engagement.

    lekkees is a set of bendable geometric panels which connect in an endless assortment of configurations abstractly eluding to recognizable environments and objects.

    lekkees encourages more quality play by providing tools for children to visualize, imagine, and interactively build their surroundings. Allowing kids to engage in active play nurtures their social and cognitive development through the process of creative exploration

    My goal is to implement lekkees in institutional settings such as children's museums, day care centers, camps, and potentially schools.

  • Design21_177_

    The INEE (Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies) and IRC (International Rescue Committee) both contributed to the inspiration, research and development of this project.

    Because of the refugee crisis in Iraq, millions of children lack the tools to elevate their educational experience. There is also a need to remedy the effects of trauma and regain a sense of identity and belonging. This project focuses on the Iraqi refugee community in Jordan.

    Tessera is a puzzle/game designed to stimulate problem solving skills, encourage dialogue/communication and reestablish a sense of identity and place. The design allows the product itself to be produced using local manufacturing resources and materials.

    Tessera is intended to create a ripple effect. This effect will begin with the Iraqi refugee children and stretch to the immigrant and host families as well as the community at large.

    The next steps of this product would involve implementation in different refugee settings in need of the similar solutions. In new settings, the project would re-address issues of language, material and manufacturing processes.

    Please see my profile for more images of Tessera Christian John

  • BOUNCE baby sign products

    Communication, Industrial Design


    BOUNCE reinforces communication and relationships between Deaf children and Hearing parents, which is otherwise non-existent because of language barriers.

    BOUNCE incorporates American Sign Language into children’s toys and accessories as a means to promote preverbal communication in which all children and parents can benefit as well as access.

    • BOUNCE seeks to de-stigmatize cultural deafness and provide access to its language in Mainstream culture.
    • As a marketing tool, BOUNCE is universal and benefits all children and parents.
    • As a result, Hearing parents of Deaf children who benefit the most from preverbal communication will no longer feel isolated because of it.

    BOUNCE is a product of collaboration with The Lexington School for the Deaf, which has served the broader Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community of the New York metropolitan area since 1864.


    • Establish BOUNCE as educational toy and must have for all parents.
    • Market stuffed toy/animal as an introductory product that maintains qualities and language associated with American Deaf Culture.
  • Click

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Click The education and application safe handgun storage practices in New York

    This project has been developed in conjunction with the New York State Rifle and Pistol associations’ regional director Mr. Greco.

    Click is an educational pamphlet and wall safe designed to fit into the interior of New York City apartments. I chose to develop these products to protect against accidents resulting from handguns that are stored loaded and unlocked in homes with children under 18. The Click safe is a wall safe with a 4-digit mechanical combination lock. Click safe is designed to look like a picture frame so it blends in with the interior f the apartment. The users own photo can be inserted into the frame and the exterior of the frame is wood and comes in 3 different finishes. The pamphlet Re-enforces safe storage practices and is translated into Spanish so it can reach the second largest non-English speaking firearm owning population in New York.

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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