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  • Prototype_177_

    NFP: Swirl, Inc helped me to connect with not only people in intercultural relationships, but also people who grew up in a multicultural family.

    Issue: Many people in an intercultural marriage do not speak their partner’s native language. This can lead to loss of culture, language, or tradition.

    Description of Design Solution: L3 provides people in intercultural marriages with a calendar, activity cards, bedtime story cards, and recipe cards designed to stimulate communication and interaction for enjoyable language-learning experience.

    Intended benefits: L3 helps couples develop an interest and understanding for each other’s native language and culture. It also allows couples to communicate with people in similar situations through an online community.

    Next step: The next step of this project would be to customize the content for a variety of languages including Spanish, Korean, Italian, and Chinese.

  • TIMESKIN:Bringing people together through time

    Community, Industrial Design


    Issue: There is not enough awareness of the obstacles that the visually impaired face with everyday activities.

    Design solution and benefit: Timeskin is a timepiece that allows the user to tell time through touch. It will serves as an educational opportunity for full vision person to learn about the visually impaired through presenting a new perspective that allows them to touch rather than read it. Timeskin also provides easy access for the visually impaired and helps them not feel isolated from other people because of their disability.

    Next Step Because the design has universal appeal, it can be marketed toward those who have normal vision as well, which allows the product to be manufactured in larger market and therefore be more affordable.

  • Transition_177_

    Plastic* aims to highlight the hazards of predatory lending practices for college-aged students who are at risk for harming their credit by virtue of not knowing enough about the industry. It serves as a counter-attack to predatory practices by implementing the same tactics to teach students rather than exploit them.

    Plastic* is a set of cards given out to students at the start of each year that serves as an educational tool by introducing key terminology used by creditors. The set doubles as a traditional deck of playing cards in order to act as a uniting force for students. The inks used in Plastic* react to the user’s body temperature allowing layers of information to emerge from a corresponding visual. By revealing these key ideas and making the user financially literate, Plastic* protects them from the potential pitfalls of youthful spending.

    The next steps of this project are to provide additional tools for students that will illustrate the long term effects of credit - creating a system based on Plastic* which will be funded through grants for educational products.

  • Blog21_132_

    Made closely in part with Rachel Lehr, cofounder of Rubia, Inc., an NFP that works “to serve women in rural Afghanistan, through education, skills training and promotion of their hand-embroidered textiles... Rubia is creating new traditions in textiles by translating the heritage and skills of Afghan women into sustainable livelihoods.”

    Loti is an effort to sustain and revive the traditional craft of the Darrai Noor region of Afghanistan and dispose of its toxic processes by overlaying their embroidery upon the contemporary craft process of wide-format digital printing. This venture ensures that the processes that have led us to where we are today will be sustained before they skip a generation and are forever lost or mass imitated.

    Taking inspiration through nature, loti is a line of pillows initially made biculturally - in part here in the US, embodying the impressive, almost magical use of digital textile printing, and finished in Afghanistan, handcrafted by women in Darrai Noor. The dimensions of the pillows are chosen based on two factors; one - market desirability, and two, maximal use of yardage.

    Loti encourages a cross-culture dialogue in fabric that shares and explores common beauty between two counties at war through revolutionary production linking producers, designers, and consumers in a hands-on way. In addition to a line of pillows, loti is a system that is built to enhance the economy of Afghanistan. Initially, loti fabric will be printed in the U...

  • Musical Pebbles

    Education, Industrial Design


    Musical Pebbles

    Encouraging children’s body movement through music.

    NFP This project has been developed with the helpful advice of the Children's Museum of the Arts in NYC.

    Problem There is a lack of physical activity among children caused by over consuming media such as video games, internet, and television.

    Solution My approach is to encourage children’s body movement through music (sound). Combining music and physical activity can become an effective tool for children since music provides opportunities to create, perform, and communicate.

    Benefits Musical Pebbles encourages children to play more actively apart from screen media by providing an interactive platform that requires motor skills.

    Next Steps Children can enjoy this product at local children’s museum as an after school activity, and they can also get it from local toy store and playing at home. Advertising that makes aware of proper media consumption would help more children understand the importance of physical activities.

  • Smoke Peace

    Peace, Communication Design


    Title: Smoke_Peace "Raising awareness about child soldiers in northern Uganda."

    Issue: More than 30,000 children in northern Uganda have been abducted by the LRA, Lord Resistance Army. The LRA has been brutalizing and manipulating children into becoming weapons of terror against their own families and communities. However, people in the U.S are either unware of the issue or unsure of how to help.

    Design Solution: I'm designing a promotional matchbook to spread the word,"No Child Soldiers" in the context of the NYC restaurants going to community. Inside of the matchbooks are miniature AK-47-shaped incense sticks or matches. As sticks are burning down, fragrant ascending smoke represents people's growing actions for peace. Also the included is an insert that tells a short anecdote of a former child soldier in northern Uganda.

    Benefits: 1. This project gives breif and critical information telling people about the suffering of children in northern Uganda, 2. encourages people to communicate the urgency of the problem to the government leaders, 3. guides people to effective advocacy resources, 4. promotes a global partnership for peace.

    Nest Step: At this stage, Smoke_Peace addresses the NYC community. In the future, this program could be expanded to other urban areas.

  • MedX -MED"EXACT"

    Aid, Industrial Design


    RFID Device and System for Storing Patients' Medical Histories

    It is too hard to transfer the medical history of a patient from past doctor to the new doctor, and when a patient is unconscious in an emergency, it is extremely hard for paramedics to know about the medical information of the patient.

    MedX is a portable and affordable device with a standardized system that provides accurate and immediate medical history of a patient while maintaining their privacy through RFID(Radio Frequency IDentification) technology.

    MedX allows the doctor to provide appropriate medical care to each patient and illiminate guesswork in emergency situations. It provides peace of mind for patients as well as doctors.

    Although the current target of MedX is with U.S, I plan to collaborate with doctors in Africa as this would also be the ideal solution for Africa due to its convenience and affordability.


    Environment, Industrial Design



    “packaging - furniture - packaging”


    Advice and suggestions from; "CENYC", "o2nyc", and "Rainforest Relief"


    The density of urban environments is a well established dilemma. One of the practical problems resulting from density of urban livings is the efficient disposal of waste. With the population of city-dwellers increasing, the amount of garbage produced also increases. In New York City “packaging” is 1/3 of the total garbage; discarded furniture in New York accounts for more than 200,000 tons each year, constituting a significant potion of the city’s waste.


    FUNCY is a ready-to-ship workstation, and contributes a logical solution to waste problems by eliminating packaging waste. The FUNCY packaging is not thrown away, but is turned into the accessories of the work station.

    Next Steps

    Mass production

  • Kaz

    NFP partner: APICHA – Asian & Pacific Islander Coalition on HIV/AIDS is a non-profit organization providing HIV/AIDS related services, education, and research to Asian and Pacific Islander Communities in New York City.

    In New York City, there is an increase in the number of HIV infections among men who have sex with men (MSM); many of these infections are due to unsafe sex.

    Wrist Band: Anyone entering a nightclub will be required to wear a wristband, with a condom attached to it.
    Toilet Seat: Each restroom stall will be equipped with a special toilet seat and condom dispenser.

    Hey New York! products remind gay men to have safe sex.

    Wrist Band: Everybody in the club will carry a condom with them for the rest of the night; afterwards they can use it for safe sex .

    Toilet Seat: The toilet seat is designed to look like a penis inside of a condom when illuminated. The dispenser has a small pink condom icon that lights up. These devices command attention for the condoms available and for condom use in general.

    The next step would be to work with other HIV/AIDS non-profits to make the products available for a larger public. By having APICHA reach out to broader HIV/AIDS non-profits we could expand out of New York City into greater New York State.

  • Building Green in Full Spectrum

    Environment, Environmental Design


    Whether it is the Earth's environment or the living environment, building a LEED certified residence hall can be a great benefit to the New School Student Housing Services. The Student Housing Services has given me the opportunity to live and work along side the ultimate users of my subject, and a vast knowledge of how a residence hall is built.

    My proposal for building a LEED certified residence hall is to aim for a triple bottom line of positive results in Efficiency, Environment and Equity while having the benefits of creating an Educational living experience. My project includes a workbook and interactive website which makes provides informative resources on how to achieve triple bottom line solutions to current problems at the New School residence halls. This project can serve as a bridge builder between my constituents, keeping in mind that a building process should have a holistic research and design process.

    For more information, check out my works and this video:

    Website coming soon! (May 1st, 2008)

Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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