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A Good Life 5 - Parsons The New School for Design

A Good Life 5 - Parsons The New School for Design


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  • Recoup

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    Recoup Providing alternate mobile phone promoting responsible consumption

    This project was produced with feedback from Collectivegood, an organization that pioneered the concept of providing marketing, operations and logistics support to charities and the private sector to create innovative used mobile phone collection campaigns throughout the US.

    Mobile phones exemplify the issue of irresponsible consumption and unsustainable product lifecycles. Targeted to the majority of mobile phone users who are interested in the primary function of the mobile phone, Recoup is made of partially recycled internal components created from obsolete mobile phones. Cased within a wooden housing, this design has simple but upgradeable features and interface with an ergonomic form that recalls older technology and promotes user friendliness and a longer product lifespan.

    By curbing unnecessary consumption of mobile phones, the consumer enjoys a lifestyle with less waste, less spending on new mobile phones and a longer lifespan of an everyday product. By offering the new services of parts replacement and upgradeable features, the manufacturer can expand their offerings.

    I would like to design a system that helps reduce the loss of mobile phones so that they do not end up in the landfill. Reducing the chances of losing mobile phones through the design of such a system would compliment this product.

  • Jiyeong,

    I've been invited to give feedback to all Parsons students, regarding your thesis projects.

    You've done a very nice job of targeting a niche market and making responsible consumption both desirable and attractive. I especially appreciate your consideration of recycling components from obsolete phones! This is proof of systemic thinking, which is critical when endeavoring to solve a problem with a sustainable solution.

    I'm curious to see how you might design a system, as you suggest, to reduce the loss of mobile phones, keeping them out of the landfill. Once you've nailed both, then you'll be successfully addressing both existing waste and eliminating future waste.

    Keep up the good work, J.

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Is it possible to generate products that are sensuous and smart, beguiling and ethically grounded?

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