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Citizen Scholar

Citizen Scholar

Community, Arts & Culture, Environment

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We strive to do more with less, using sustainable practices that nurture communities and the environment. Responsible design gets the job done without wasting resources.

We’re wholeheartedly invested in improving the world. We believe design can help address the world’s most pressing needs and make valuable information accessible to everyone.


Since 2005, we’ve been designing for people who shape our society in positive ways.

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  • Randy J. Hunt
  • Joseph Baron-Pravda
  • Kate Andrews
  • Maynard Clark
  • S.A.K.M. Shamsul Hauque, Shuvo

a responsible design studio

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Citizen Scholar

233 Norman Ave. Suite 200
Brooklyn, NY 11222
United States
+1 646 867 1455

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Moderator: Randy J. Hunt