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Sustainable Pratt

Sustainable Pratt

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  • Journey to the Living Perfume Exhibit

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    Sundays have become a very sacred day for me, since it seems I am working all the time these days. If I am not in the lab creating some beautiful new object of scent, I am in the hardware store nursing it’s sucess.

    So I do cherish my Sunday down time, it’s the only day my partner and I get to really just breath and lounge around the house. Now, that it is Spring there is the wonder of the bloom. I usually pier out through our back windows while Dez spends his time getting the earth under his nails. This is highly spiritual stuff for the both of us, he gets to be close to roots of his boyhood and I……..well I get to ascertain where I’ll be planting the finishing touches to our garden.

    He adores beauty, so he plants all that will bloom into amazing colors and while I too adore beauty, it must have more utility. In this case, I will adding the finishing touches of lavender, silver sage, basil and mint. Together we create a garden of harmony.

    Well, the Sunday before last we took a break from our Spring routine and I decided to join a long time friend for a journey into Manhattan to see the Mandy Aftel’s Living Perfume Exhibit. Actually earlier that week I had the opportunity to seeing her at an event held at the W Hotel. It was a tasting put on by Aftelier Perfumes, Bellevadeer Vodka, Robertet, Chef Todd English and host of other players. All in all this was a nice event.

    So anyway, before getting into the city on Sunday, my friend Tblz and I made a pit-stop into ...

  • Picture_1_132_
    • Danielle Dirr is a C40 Winner!!!! Bicycle Tree NYC is a cradle to cradle design for a bicycle rental kiosk in NYC.
  • Nking_177_
    • The Graduate School's Comprehensive Architectural Project Studio & Integrated Building Systems class submission, Community Natatorium is a C40 Winner!
  • Selfgen_177_
    • Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Andrea Reising is a C40 Winner for her Self Generation Corporation entry!!
  • To prepare for C40 Solutions a Global Sustainable Design Exhibition, Sustainable Pratt in collaboration with the Academic Director of Sustainability and Design 21,issued a call for entries to all Pratt departments.

    We received entries from Fine Arts, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Digital Arts, Urban Design and City Planning. These entries can be viewed in detail at this blog and at the Sustainable Pratt website.

    Entries will be juried by Debera Johnson, Center for Sustainable Design Studies, Jacqueline Khiu, Design 21, Donna Moran, School of Art and Design, Tony Gelber, Facilities Director of Sustainability, and Green Week Keynote Speaker Paul Polak

    Winning entries will be announced at the beginning of Green Week's Keynote address, Thursday, March 27th at 6pm in Higgins Hall Auditorium.

  • Ana_celia_suriel_177_

    Graduate Architecture and Urban Design students, Ana Celia Suriel and Judy Chung, submitted their Housing Studio Projects, Live,Work, Play. Students were asked to develop sustainable strategies for a housing project in Williamsburg,Brooklyn.

  • Selfgen_177_

    Master of Fine Arts Candidate, Andrea Reising, exhibits her Self Generation Corporation, meticulously hand-crafted electrical generators aimed at creating a self-sustaining energy consumer.

  • Board_177_

    Architecture students Saro Gumusyan & Paul Stein have designed a Roofscape formed by skylight units with photovoltaic cells inserted betwenn units.

  • C40_bicycletree_nyc_ddirr_132_

    Danielle Dirr has utilized cradle to cradle thinking in Bicycle Tree NYC, a proposed design for bicycle rental Kiosks in NYC. Danielle's organic structure is inspired by the work of MIT designers and attempts to create a built environment that allows nature and man to co-exist

  • City_as_pulse_177_

    Urban Design students, Raphael Alba, Joanna Cuevas and Benjamin Keiser, envision a Harlem of the future, where renewable energy is generated locally.

    The students advocate using technologies which intertwine, re-circulating energy throughout the community like a heartbeat. Technologies include; hydrogen fuel, wind, aquaponics and oxygen extraction as local sources of filtration and solar energy.

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