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Sustainable Pratt

Sustainable Pratt

Communication, Environment, Education

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Students of the Pratt Institute will work in professions that shape the built environment, influence material culture, and affect everyday life for millions of people. In the face of growing awareness about issues such as air and water pollution, health risks from chemicals, fossil fuel depletion and climate change, innovations are underway in a burgeoning revolution in design. These innovations include carbon-neutral buildings, landscapes that promote water conservation and stormwater management, design for recycling, products with recycled content, and fabrication and construction processes that minimize waste and energy consumption. Graduates of art, design and architecture programs should be exposed to the practices associated with this transformation.



Sustainability and Green Campus Issues

  1. Begin thinking about of ecological impact on the planet

  2. Move beyond compliance,toward a responsible and proactive mindset

  3. Generate awareness of sustainability issues among faculty students and staff

  4. Create and publicize events on campus that will provide information and spark enthusiasm concerning sustainable design and planning

  5. Identify and publicize sustainable initiatives currently taking place in campus operations and facilities and encourage the incorporation of additional sustainable practices

  6. Facilitate collaboration with community organizations

Curriculum & Teaching

  • Facilitate communication among faculty and students interested in sustainability issues.

  • Develop avenues for cross-departmental interaction.

  • Through a website and accessible databases, provide the Pratt community and others faculty students with information about curricular and operations-related initiatives across the Pratt campus and on other campuses that relate to the goal of reducing humans’ ecological footprint.

  • Integrate sustainability principles into existing courses and curricula and encourage new courses that further the organization’s mission.

  • Identify and pursue funding opportunities for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects.

News & Events

For the latest details on Sustainable Pratt Events and Initiatives visit

GREEN WEEK 2008 March 24th - 28th a series of events focused on raising environmental consciousness, promoting social equity and celebrating sustainable design.
For a full calendar of events visit Green Week 2008


Sustainable Pratt is a group of faculty, administrators, students and staff of Pratt Institute from a variety of disciplines including art, design, architecture, planning, and science who have been meeting monthly since October 2005. Sustainable Pratt is dedicated to identifying, interpreting, inspiring, incorporating and instituting ecologically responsible practices into curricula, operations and programs at Pratt Institute. The group meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month.

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Innovations are Underway in a Burgeoning Revolution in Design

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