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Channel G

Channel G

Well-being, Community, Environment

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Channel G is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation. Channel G produces short format documentaries, Project Presentations, for distribution on television, the internet, film festivals and other video outlets. Project Presentations showcase environmental, social, and health-related projects from local and international nonprofit organizations.

With Channel G, the American television and web surfing public is educated and informed while getting the opportunity to participate in the success of great projects. Channel G highlights the projects' scientific and educational value, as well as the personal stories of the people involved.

A major component of Channel G's presentation is the invitation for viewers to participate through financial contributions to the projects they see. Most Americans want to participate in making the world a better place, but do not have an easy avenue of access to do so. With its multiple distribution channels, including the web, television, schools, libraries, film festivals, etc., Channel G is the link; it's the nexus point where people, projects, and resources come together.

Channel G is also helping organizations find the non-monetary resources necessary to carry out their goals. We create bridges to assist the efforts of social entrepreneurs around the world.

The vast majority of Americans have access to either a television set or a computer; hence, Channel G serves people of every geographic, socioeconomic, and ethnic persuasion and presents a model with few barriers to participation. Channel G serves its constituency by presenting content covering a wide range of projects while providing mainstream America with an easy and effective way to participate in these projects directly.


Project Selection Process

One of the most important services that Channel G provides to its viewers is the identification, research, and presentation of great nonprofit projects. In order to establish and maintain viewer trust and loyalty, Channel G goes to great lengths to vet the projects that appear on the show.

Channel G seeks to present projects for which there is a proven track record indicating a high probability of success for the project. If Channel G’s projects succeed, then Channel G succeeds, providing a dynamic incentive to efficiently use all the information available from various sources to effectively vet the projects presented.

Project Qualifications

  • The project can be described as social, environmental, or health-related.
  • The project has significant impact on the problem it is designed to address.
  • The project’s overall impact is determined to be positive by Channel G and has more unifying than polarizing effects.
  • The project is carried out by or is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3).
  • The project organization understands that the Channel G focus is, wherever possible, on project level funding, as opposed to organization level funding.
  • The project and its parent organization are sustainable and have a history of achievement.
  • The project will be interesting as well as worthwhile to the Channel G viewer.
  • Channel G gives priority to projects that can be expanded or duplicated.
  • Channel G prefers to showcase projects with a long-term strategy beyond the current phase, including multi-stage projects.

We encourage project organizations to use the following budgetary parameters in the allocation of funds raised by Channel G:

* 70% - Cost of the project
* 20% - Overhead
* 10% - Administration

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  • Deborah Bassett
  • Brian Stokes
  • Jonathon D. Colman
  • S B
  • Seth Leitman

to maximize funding & awareness for nonprofit projects that focus on environmental, social and health-related issues

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