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Sustainability Practice Network

Sustainability Practice Network

Community, Environment

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The mission of the Sustainability Practice Network is to build an interdisciplinary community to further the goals of corporate sustainability and sustainable development.


The Sustainability Practice Network (SPN) is a NYC-based forum and list server for professionals, academics and students working with corporate responsibility and sustainability issues to build a community based on learning, discussion, information and idea exchange. SPN supports the growth of sustainability practice and bridges disciplines to advance sustainable development by drawing on the knowledge and expertise of its members.

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D21 Members Invited to High Performance Design in NYC

Environment, Environmental Design

DESIGN 21 members have been officially invited by Michael Block and the Sustainability Practice Net...

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  • Monika Kumar
  • Cornel Radu
  • David Hodgson
  • eve mosher
  • Magalie Pedrono
  • Maynard Clark

Supporting the Growth of Sustainability Practice and Bridging Disciplines to Advance Sustainable Development

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Sustainability Practice Network

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