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Green Apple Cleaners

Green Apple Cleaners


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Green Apple Cleaners: the birth of a better idea
(along with Michael and Evan)
Back in 2002, David Kistner and his wife were expecting twin boys. As first time parents, they read many books and articles about pregnancy and infant care. Several guides warned that pregnant women should avoid dry cleaning because of the harmful chemicals used.

Somewhat alarmed by this, David did some further research, which led him to a Consumer Reports article about dry cleaning. The article mentioned a newer technology—liquid CO2—which is benign to humans and the environment, and actually cleans clothes better than perc (Consumer Reports rated carbon dioxide #1).

David mentioned the article to his friend and colleague, Stavros Michailidis. Both were inspired by the virtue of this new technology—it's better at cleaning clothes, and also better for the environment and for their families.

But CO2 dry cleaning technology was still unavailable in many areas, including New York. So David and Stavros became determined to bring this technology to New Yorkers—and Green Apple Cleaners was born.

What we stand for We at Green Apple Cleaners care about you. We care about your clothes. We care about our employees and the communities in which we live and work. We care deeply about the environment. We promise to treat each customer as a friend and treat every one of your garments as if it were one of our own. And we promise to take the hassle out of dry cleaning, focusing on your convenience in every way possible.

We will address any problems you may have—just contact our customer service. And our guarantee to you: you will get a full refund if ever you are not satisfied with the quality of our service.


We provide our clients with a full range of services including hassle free pick up and delivery; stain removal expertise; non-toxic dry cleaning; specialized shirt laundry; hypo-allergenic wash and fold; in-home tailoring; fine linen and tablecloth service; and on-site environmental drape and carpet cleaning.

Our dedicated staff is highly trained to provide prompt and professional service while devoting individualized attention to your specific needs.

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Green Apple Cleaners

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