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Artevist is an online community for people who love T-shirt design, and believe that in some small way, it contributes to awareness about Big Issues.

We want to become 'the' single, best online source for activist inspired T-shirt design.

Artists are global, issues are local and global, and T-shirts are ethically sourced and produced.

We want to bridge the worlds of: online T-shirt design; nonprofit organizations who need innovative merchandising strategies; new organic products; and people who are looking for wearable art with meaning and purpose.

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  • Eric Wilson
  • Andrew Davies
  • Anton Marcos Kammerer
  • Mplsbeb
  • Bishnu Karmakar
  • David Hernandez-Palmar

Artevist is all about Art, Activism and great T-shirt design.

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Vancouver, British Columbia V5T 4T1


Moderator: Eric Wilson